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  1. Thank you everyone who took there time to answer my questions,i watch linus when am free and it is constantly new cpu and new gpu ,i just didnt want to be left scratching me head . cheers for the replys. also i made a mistake it is a gtx 1080 sorry for wrong input.would i still be ok with this set up. thanks and sorry for being thick i should of read it before i posted .
  2. I only run multiple pages ,or play a game or watch netflix .never all 3 at once maybe a movie on you tube while am trying to figure css on my website, also while reading multiple websites as a help option . It doesnt get sluggish its just i see alot of new cpu and gpu options available now. Thanks for all your replys .
  3. hello everyone, my question is i have i7700 ,32gb,2080 ,i use the pc to game browse and recently i have started to build websites ,i have 3 monitors connected so i can have multiple programs running,would i be better to upgrade to a threadripper or would i be better with another cpu to do multiple website builds at once and some times gaming. i play arma3,world war 3 etc. sorry for being lazy its just so many options from multi task to gaming, and no sooner i have purchased pc another comes out a week later better faster ,so my question is what shall i go for intel,amd ryzen 9,or threadripper.