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  1. Hi! i just started fiddling with my rig just now. and i run Shadow of the Tomb Raider Benchmark here's my current setup i7 9700k at 5.0 Aorus z390 pro wifi trident z 32g 3000mhz Zotac GTX 2060 intel 660p 500g ssd MSI MAG271cqr monitor. i tried to run the benchmark at max settings. (literally), just to see if my system can handle it. if i ran it with directX 12 on, ave FPS was 13 on DirectX12 OFF 60 fps. anyone have any idea why? or any tips? THANKS!!!
  2. i'll probably settle for 144hz.financially wise.. thanks!
  3. i got a 2060 vcard. im planning to buy a new monitor but can't decide on what to buy for a monitor. im planning on a 144hz monitor but cant decide if 1080 or 1440 the games i usually play are: CSGO; PUBG; Apex Legends; Dota2, SC2. but i also play some other games like SotTR, F1 2018 and others my setup is: 9700K with CM240L cooler 16g gskill tridentz intel NVME ssd thanks. just starting to learn how to setup a pc. thanks again