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  1. I'll have to check that out. Both times, when using Cinebench and Blender, i only looked at the frequency in the task manager and it said 3.9ghz. but for example, when i'm moving files or even just moving the cursor on the desktop, that number goes up to 4.2ghz
  2. Multiple case fans and a dual fan noctua nh-d15 with cryonaut thermalpaste, all in a meshify C. I think cooling is not the problem here...
  3. Title explains it. i got a 3700x that doesn't boost over 3.9ghz when rendering, but it can go up to 4.21ghz when doing anything else. I have not done any overclocking on the chip
  4. I'm asking this for a friend. This is the situation: He has 2 powered speakers that he connects to his PC and to Alexa. He keeps switching the cables (they connect with 3.5mm jacks) whenever he needs to, but he wishes he could have both the PC and Alexa connected to the speakers via a switch, so that he can push a button to go from one to the other without unplugging and replugging the cables. Any advice on what he should buy? Preferibly cheap?
  5. And how is that different? Are they some other kind of speaker?
  6. The speakers from a micro hifi system called TEAC MC-DX40
  7. Yes, thats the only cable they have. A single RCA cable each. They dont seem to have the name writted anywhere, but they are from a brand named NXT and they have a 4 ohm impedance and a maximum input power of 20W. They work via RCA when connected to my stereo in the livingroom
  8. I don't know, i only connected the speakers to the amp via their RCA cables and nothing more. The amp has RCA output and i plugged them there
  9. I'm not sure if i should be concerned about it, but everywhere i looked i only found people saying that the JDS Labs Atom cannot power passive speakers because the RCA outputs are only for data.Well, i doesn't seem to be the case for me. I just tried plugging into my Atom (yes, only through the rca ports) 2 small passive speakers that i have in my livingroom (they came with my stereo; i'm pretty sure they are fairly cheap) and they worked. I managed to get them to a decent volume as well, but the audio was slightly distorted (probably because of the poor quality of the cabled that would make noise when i moved them)Is there anything wrong with this? Have i even broken anything?
  10. I contacted them. They told me it's alright and it's all solved. The third party seller apparently "didn't apply a shipment code directly linked to the website"
  11. i mean, i paid for everything, so it's not about being honest or not. I'm just afraid that amzon might think i'm trying to scam them or whatever
  12. What am i supposed to do? Can i leave it like this? Will anything happen? I called the seller that i bough the item from and they said to just not bother. is it the right choice?
  13. luckly i don't have the problem of rgb, i bought the most plain and boring fans possible. Anyway, i think i may buy a hub in the future, but for now it should be fine like this
  14. I bet that fan hubs would solve the problem but right now i don't think i am able to buy one because of... personal reasons. Plus, all i need is for the case fans to stay at a static speed and the 2 CPU fans to go up and down accordingly. Noctua even gives you a Y Splitter in the NH-15 box, so i guess it can't be thet bad