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  1. So for about 3 years I have had this god awful 1366x768 32" tv that I have been using as a monitor and yesterday I cracked it while trying to fix some stuck pixels. I know that you can get some 1080p monitors for around $90 nowadays and I was wondering if I could sell the known good parts such as the power supply, mainboard, speakers, backlight etc, and how much I could probably get for those good parts.
  2. I know that you can put a CPU in rotated the wrong way but could you put it in the correct orientation but have it moved a bit off to the side? And if you can accidentally do this will anything get damaged?
  3. Emuf

    How big should a boot drive be?

    Ok. The old ass laptop I am using right now has windows on the 2.5" SSD and it boots in about 15 seconds which is still better than a hard drive I guess. Also im pretty sure it is running at SATA2 speeds
  4. Emuf

    HELP! Budget $150 PC Build

    Do not go for a 1050Ti. This will perform the same if not better and is cheaper than even a 1050 non-TI and it has RGB for that extra performance.
  5. So im going to be building a new pc soon and plan to put a 240GB ssd, a 1TB hdd, and an M.2 drive in it. I dont want to spend too much on the m.2 drive because I will not be storing anything other than windows on it and I want to know know much storage I would need for a boot drive and how much that would cost me.
  6. in my basement I have an ancient 250GB hard drive and if that still works would I be able to install windows on that, do what you said, reinstall windows on the ssd, and take the hard drive out never to be used again?
  7. How could I copy this to a different drive? This laptop only has a single 2.5" drive bay
  8. I was going to get a windows 10 pro key from ebay for $2 anyways and sell my current key. But would the files all be compatible? And what would I back them up to?
  9. Its a laptop from 2013 it has not M.2 slot it, it is a 2.5" drive
  10. So I am going to build a pc soon to replace my $300 laptop from 6 years ago, and after the hard drive in it died I bought an SSD to use in it. The performance on this thing is just so awful, it idles at around 80C, and things crash all the time, so I decided to build a desktop that will be miles ahead of this thing in every way. I want to know if I can just pull the SSD out of this, plug it into the new pc, install some drivers, and have my windows installation and all my data still on it. The laptop I am currently using is using an intel processor whereas the one I will be getting is using an AMD. I was unable to find much information on this topic anywhere so I decided to ask here hoping to get an answer. If you have any questions I am willing to answer them. I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me if this is possible and if not what files I should transfer over.