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  1. I think Linus should definitely step back a bit from the work, especially because he does have personalities that can hold up the presentations on the channel. Also, there have been so many videos every single day that I can't really keep up anyway. 'Only' 3 videos a week from all of the LMG channels would be plenty for me, if not maybe less. I'd feel less rushed to watch them, and feel better that Linus and even his staff are not being overworked to deliver content for us. Maybe now he could hire Madison?
  2. Not exactly clear on what you're trying to say. Does your IP camera have both WiFi and ethernet connection options? Are you trying to view the cam remotely, only locally, or record locally, to the cloud, or both?
  3. The list appears to be for game releases, so this probably has nothing to do with hardware. Note that the release dates are all 12/31/2019, so that's already in the past. Based on what I'm seeing as inventory changes in hardware and game title media flow, the DS (2DS/3DS) is a dead platform. I expect the possibility of an even smaller Switch variant than the current Switch Lite, which will still use the same games as the rest of the Switch hardware, giving Nintendo a single platform ecosystem, simplifying game development and distribution. I think all of the game console makers are going to end up only producing one platform at a time, instead of overlapping two, as has been the case since the PS2 and Xbox 360 came out.
  4. Not being a gamer really, and more of a tinkerer, my first modern (32 bit, connected) computer was 'custom built' by me, out of half used components. My family had prebuilt systems I used. After building one, I upgraded the RAM in the family PC, and built a new system for my mother from all new components, albeit very basic, because that's all she needed. I also picked up the hobby of scavenging old systems people were giving away and disposing of, so I got my hands into prebuilt and customs alike. As a result, I'm not afraid of prebuilts or custom building. This all started 20+ years ago though, and in that time desktops stopped being the standard for the computer most people use, especially at home. So, the last 4 computers I've bought for myself were prebuilt, and the last 2 of those laptops. For most people, the last computer they bought and use most is the phone in their pocket or hand. All of that said, I'm itching to build a new system from components again. Been too long, and it is too fun.
  5. I sold and still sell cell phones as part of my work, and I can tell you unequivocally that the deployment of '5G' is for no other reason than marketing. When '4G' was being launched, the term was used pretty loosely, including for HSPA+ (3G GSM on steroids) and WiMAX (WiFi on steroids). It is all just a marketing ploy to 'build excitement' and try to get people to switch carriers, and for carriers to try to stand out in consumer awareness. All the carriers want is to be able to claim to be 'first' in a given technology or feature, and then to have the 'best'. It doesn't matter if it is really of no use to you, as long as they can make you feel like you're getting something from them that nobody else can offer. We needed proper 4G when it was being launched, because we'd already been punishing the old 3G network with usage in place that could easily overload the infrastructure available. Currently, the 4G network technology has plenty of room for the demand, if we just got the deployment of infrastructure up to the technology's full potential. The only reason carriers are migrating their focus to 5G is that marketing angle, and the fact that the 4G networks are 'good enough' to carry the base load we have now, and act as a solid fallback for the gaps in 5G deployment. If carriers were to 'saturate' the capability of 4G before launching any 5G, it'd probably be 2 more years before we saw any real deployment beyond a very select few test markets. T-Mobile's recent claim of 'nationwide 5G' is funny to me, because the map showed that they're finally achieving coverage in the 'dust bowl states', a result of the consolation prize for the failed AT&T buyout. If T-Mobile were really serious about being competitive and providing coverage, they would've done much more to deploy and advertise their expansion in geographic coverage. The fact that there are still holes where you get NO coverage from carriers, and I'm talking about areas larger than a few widely scattered football fields, shows why providers of 'mobile' devices are not all that concerned with actual mobility. I'm fine with the idea of a carrier that can't yet offer the 1-2Gbps 5G in a more populated area, if they make it possible to get 100Mbps in those populated areas while offering complete coverage everywhere else, even if it only offered as little as 6Mbps speeds. That doesn't make for exciting marketing, though.
  6. LMG needs to change the title of the Intel video to "tl;dr: Watch the other video." This video deserves more views, and basically sums up what is in both videos well enough, and is shorter. I feel sorry for the Intel video's sponsor.
  7. I'm gonna be the silly guy and point out that the only part that seems to be the constant here is the display. I haven't seen mention of trying a different display. Does the display show it's own menu when you hit the menu button? does it show a signal error when you boot the systems in question?
  8. She's a graphic designer, and just because they have one, doesn't mean they can't use two. My lady is a graphic artist, and I actually showed her the job listing back when they posted it, but we're not keen to move to Canada at this point. Based on how it is at her work where she is the ONLY fully qualified graphic artist (she's got a degree and tons of experience), it is a royal PITA when she wants to take a day or two off, let alone a week long vacation. Madison is a gamer too, so she's got another thing that fits right in. She's articulate enough, funny, and comfortable in front of the camera. She's also younger than most of the staff, and a bit more in touch with that demographic. Lots of good reasons to hire her, and the only obstruction I can see is that as a contest winner, there might be some embargo for a given period of time. If there isn't - then do it.
  9. So, is that an AT keyboard connector? I don't see a serial port, and I'm not sure what that silver riser is for, but I'm going to guess USB 1.0. I see you heavily populated the EDO SIMM slots, and you've got a single SDRAM DIMM slot. 4 ISA vs 3 PCI slots kind of shows how 'transitional' this board was. Oh, and I like the external cache module.
  10. Finally, a worthy successor to my post... They weren't beans, and it wasn't an abacus, but... (No, sadly that isn't my personal 128 bytes of core memory.)
  11. OK kids, your 'old RAM' isn't that old. Here's a 72 pin EDO SIMM, 32 megabytes. Well, this one is down to 24, as 2 of the chips have popped off from the keys and keyring pushing on them. Bonus punch down tool for ethernet connectors. I save a few dead sticks to use for this, and this is my second one - the first one, half the chips popped off and I tossed it. I figure this keychain means I won't forget where my keys are.
  12. I'm coming at it from the perspective that we the tech savvy are the ones who get asked about these things, often too late, by those 'masses' of non-tech savvy people - so if we had a good way to respond to it, and ways to help those that we deal with, it would be great. I've felt sad and angry at the same time toward people who I know are being scammed, but won't listen, and since I am either not targeted or don't listen to a scammer long enough to find out what their game is, I don't know how to counter the things the scammers are literally saying into the target's ear, until it is too late and I'm hearing about the latest scam after many, many victims have fallen for it.
  13. If it is going to be just a single thread, which subforum would it be in, and can it be pinned by the mods? I would love to see discussion not only of tactics, including new ones and new premises used, but also ways to convince people not to fall for the scams, and how to get them to accept and admit when they have, and get them to report them. One huge reason scams persist is the people that fall for them either don't believe (or want to believe) they've been scammed, or that they're too ashamed to admit it and get help. Working retail, I'm on the front line trying to stop people from falling for scams, and it is often sadly not easy. Had a lady trying to buy hundreds of dollars in Apple iTunes cards, because she believed the government had money she was owed, and that she was going to pay a 'fee' using those cards to get thousands of dollars. It took 2 levels of refusals to sell her the cards to get her to admit she could really use the money so she wanted to believe it was real.
  14. This is the info we didn't get that is completely critical. If 'dad' just wants to log into his Gmail and check Facebook, all he really needs is a Chromebook. If his idea of 'games' is solitaire or other super simple, lightweight stuff, a streambook with Windows could easily suffice.
  15. I just watched the 11-13 episode of Techlinked, and that is not really a 'slow paced' video. I then restarted watching it at 1.5x speed, and it essentially cuts the 'lag' out, potentially killing some dramatic pauses, but helping keep the pace fast for those just wanting to ingest the content faster and move on. At 1.75x, it starts to be hard to follow, especially because the speech becomes chattery. At 2x, it is pretty much a joke. Now, this was on an informational video done with some sense of aesthetic of fun. If you were watching a dramatic presentation with nuances of expression, it would probably ruin it. If you are just watching something dialog driven, especially with expository dialog, 1.5x probably wouldn't hurt much - you'd still know that Bob slept with Alice while Jack was in Mexico doing some cocaine mule runs. So, speeding stuff up really depends a lot on the nature of content.