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  1. hello i am looking for the best CPU/GPU temp monitoring program that offers a ingame over lay,
  2. Hey thanks for all your help, I did finally fine the problem, my 4 pin connector at the top eft of the board had a short or something. After replacing it, everything booted up first try.
  3. What about the actual cord from wall to pcu I am currently looking for original one I used my other pc power cord for time being
  4. But why would all the less and oled turn on b4 powering the computer on
  5. But is it normal for the mobo to not show a q code, also the fans and pump are not turning on either
  6. One thing I don’t understand is the q code has nothing displayed on it. Is that normal?
  7. I just bought the cpu today, and the board has built in power and reset buttons
  8. Atm no but I do have access to a HTC 1660ti that I did try as well
  9. I9 9900k Corsair vengeance 16x2 corsair hx1200i Corsair commander pro corsair h150i aio
  10. I have a Maximus xi formula, on first boot I plug the power cord in and flip the switch and b4 I go to turn it on all the led lights and small oled panel turns on, but nothing else, when I push the power button nothing happens and I get no video display. I’ve removed all but one ram stick and checked all wiring what else could be wrong?
  11. well i was thinking adding the thunderbolt card for ideas in the future dont need it and dont want to do it if there is any loss
  12. asus rog maximus xi formula was wondering the expansion ports i am wanting to run a 2080ti in slot 1 and was wondering if i add a x4 card into slot 3 will that effect the performance of the graphics card in any way? example slot one graphics card and slot 3 thunderbolt3 card.
  13. ok thank you. i personally chose this one becauseit is sata powered not molex
  14. not sure if this is in the right place and didnt find a sub forum to match but i just got this and i was wondering if anyone else had one or if will work the same as all others that i have seen reviews on https://www.sabrent.com/product/HB-INTR/5-port-internal-usb-3-0-hub-controller/
  15. Hello I was wondering why there was no reviews on YouTube for this monitor, I am most likely going to be getting it and I love watching reviews and unboxings of all products I get but I can’t find this one anywhere...
  16. It wasn’t a computer part I got fake but in my area people are using the FBA program to place sketchy products on there. So I have had a hard time believing amazon.
  17. I have been looking all night for a good place to buy an asus rog monitor and I can’t find an online store that sells them in the US trying not to go to amazon as they have had an issue with fake products lately please send a link!!!!
  18. If you look in the comments and reviews there are a few questionable pictures as it is shown very light grey possibly a fake.
  19. I’m in the US looking for an online store
  20. Is this suitable for gaming?