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  1. Hi , I'm relatively new over here , please stay with me if I've some slight late replies . Recently I faced this issue which applications like cinebench or games crashing often with unknown reasons , they just closed themselves without giving any warning messages whatsoever . First off I thought it was the hard disk issue so I formatted my hard disk and download back drivers but somehow those applications are still crashing . I followed my oc guide according to this reddit user comment pyromonkey83 , link as below : Do you guys have any idea why are the applications crashing by its own ? Could it be my chip issue ? Temperature are under controlled while running an incomplete cinebench r20 , the temperature didnt get over 80c Pc specs : i7-9700k 5.0ghz RTX2080 O8G ROG Z390-E ROG Gigabyte XP1200M CM ML360R
  2. Yeah , when testing out the case i ran benchmarks etc everything was perfectly normal . I checked all the cables when I installed them in case , they're all tightly connected , nothing seems abnormal
  3. Hi guys when I'm playing games sometimes I'll face BSoD or the game just randomly crashes . the message that is shown in BSoD says whea uncorrectable error . Before I started putting everything nicely in a case , I ran 1-2 days of benchmarks and let it full load on games etc nothing happens . After i put everything nicely in a case , BSoD or game randomly crashes just happen to occur very frequent . Do you guys have any idea on why this would happen ? I ran chkdsk disk are all perfectly fine . Graphic card driver is up to date with the version 431.60 . I've not done any manual overclocking on the graphic card just let it run at the factory settings . I've monitored my temperature of the cpu highest it went when I'm gaming is just 60-70*c i s''pose this isn't an issue , ran cinebench R20 for like 3-4 times straight and the highest temp recorded is just 83c meanwhile when all my things are in an open air situation graphic card max temp when full load was around 65-70c but now it went up to 70+c when its in a case , the part of the case where the graphic card is I kind of feel it's very hot . Ran games with msi afterburner to monitor it only shows my graphic card temperature is approx 71-73c . Could this possibly means my gpu is having thermal issue ? My specs are as below : i7-9700k 5.1ghz 2*8GB G skill 3200mhz RTX 2080 ROG O8G Gigabyte xtreme gaming PSU 1200W 80+ plat ROG Z390E CPU cooler CM ML360R