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  1. Ah, well I'll be using my server to run a Blue Iris VM for the NVR function, and pipe storage to the NAS. The UDM pro would allow me to merge the cloud-key and router as 1 unit, and also facilitate 10Gbps if required, from the WAN to LAN. I would not be using the UDM Pro for NVR or switching. Yep, I'm still looking into the differences here
  2. Fantastic advice....again I've had a quick look, and will probably make the switch to the UDM pro. More research! At least i've about 4 months to settle on the setup....
  3. Hey mate, thanks for a great post and ideas, i'll response below Good point, the NAS only needs to serve files to the server, so getting something cheaper, but with better ports would be great I'll look into this and report back Yea, I've been thinking about this, but as of now my PIL have not yet decided on the cameras, I think they've moved away from the Ubiquiti ones, but i'll need to make sure whatever they choose will work. I did look further into these and wasn't super happy. They are still shown on the diagram below, only because the new option hasn't been decided yet. Yep, we're not going to be doing anything fancy, just using the router for firewall, and switch for traffic with VLANs, so it should all be OK, and the interface is nice which is a plus Yea, ideally we would know ahead of time what my PIL want, but they don't know yet and probably won't until after they are in the house and have settled for a bit, which is partly why i'm 'over speccing' the server, but if we need to spend more money later, they will be OK with that. Yea, so in terms of building my own NAS, i could do this on the server and i've actually thought about this, but as my PIL live 60 minutes away, I don't want to be called up to come over and do any technical troubleshooting on any potential issues - i've used Synology for years and am very familiar, but something like FreeNAS i'm not at all....any my PIL are not able to do the troubleshooting themselves either.... Its a more expensive option to use Synology, but I know it works Great call out, i'll need to make sure that something like this is compatible with whatever they end up choosing, something to keep in mind - and the licensing model is fantastic! Yea, actually my PIL have been looking at Hikvision, do you have model numbers of what you're using? If they work with the Unifi PoE then I'm happy to recommend them. Ah, well i'm very lucky in that my PIL have provided a budget of $12,000 AUD (up to $15,000 if required) so I'm able to worry less about the cost. If it were my own project, my budget would be $1,000 haha. Here is current thoughts, but will be updated based on your post, and other things i'm considering: Server specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Motherboard: ASRock X570 Steel Legend ATX AM4 Memory: G.Skill Trident Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL14 Storage: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Storage: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB GAMING OC 3X Power Supply: SeaSonic PRIME Platinum 850 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular SilverStone RMS06-22 Rail Kit for SilverStone RM400 4U Chassis SilverStone RM41-506 Black 4U Rackmount Case, No PSU
  4. Hey, yes, we're still going ahead, my PIL bought the property last week, and have engaged a builder, so the project is back on and I'm putting together build list currently. I'll update this thread as we go, might take some time, COVID-19 and all that, but next post will be an image of draft equipment and rough layout.
  5. Ok, update on what hardware I'm going to buy (more for my own tracking then anything else) Router: USG-PRO-4 (about $460 AUD) Switch: US-48-500W (about $1,300 AUD) Wireless AP: UAP-nanoHD-3 (3 pack, about $800 AUD) NAS: DiskStation DS1819+, with an additional 4GB RAM (total 8GB) and 10Gbps card (E10G18-T1) (about $1,650 AUD) NAS HDD: Western Digital WD Red 8TB WD80EFAX (x8 about $355 each AUD) Ubiquiti SFP to connect to NAS with 10Gbps: UF-RJ45-10G (about $105 AUD) Consumer build PC for use as server: (price TBA AUD) 1x Ryzen 7 3700x 1x Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite (this may change, but can't find a X470 board in AU) 1x Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x 16GB) DDR4 3200MHz 1x Intel 760p Series M.2 NVMe SSD 128GB M.2 2x Samsung 860 PRO 2.5in SATA SSD 512GB 1x TGC Rack Mountable Server Chassis TGC-416B (link) 1x Seasonic Prime Platinum 850W PSU  10x IP cameras, possibly 12, depending on the house they buy / build 8x probably UniFi G3 2x probably UniFi G4 Pro 1-2x maybe UniFi G3 Micro
  6. [TAG - how to] Ok, so I've been playing with Proxmox, using VirtualBox to emulate hardware to run it on, and (for me) it was a small challenge to get things working (particularly with 2nd NIC) so I'll provide what I've done here, in case anyone else wants to do the same: How to use Proxmox in Oracle VirtualBox to test a hypervisor for your homelab setup, including internal and internet connectivity. Download VirtualBox here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads Install it using these instructions: https://www.wikihow.com/Install-VirtualBox I used Windows 10 as my OS to install upon Download Proxmox here: https://www.proxmox.com/en/downloads/category/iso-images-pve Create VM inside Virtualbox, using these instructions: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Proxmox_VE_inside_VirtualBox The configuration I used was: Now, I ran into an issue whereby I didn't install a 2nd adapter to allow for an internet connection. Ideal configuration: If you have to add it later: Add it in VirtualBox, as per the image above (5.1.1) Go into Proxmox, and check to see what the name of the new interface is (new interface is enp0s8 in image below) and then open the '>_ Shell' and type in: nano /etc/network/interfaces then edit / add / overwrite all text referring to enp0s8 (or the name of your adapter) to be: Line1: auto enp0s8 Line 2: iface enp0s8 inet dhcp Then press ctrl+s, then ctrl+z Then go back into Proxmox, and restart the node. You should have internet access now. Install Proxmox, by: adding Proxmox iso to your 'VM Storage' section Running VM, and following installation instructions here: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Installation After the installation has concluded, connect to Proxmox using the IP you configured in the installation using your fav browser Now you can play around and see what you think. I've also tried XCP-NG, but since you need to use a client installed on another system (as opposed to browser) I don't think its the right fit for a simple home setup like my In-laws are looking for. Proxmox isn't perfect, but its good enough
  7. I'm thinking i'll get a 4RU chassis and build a server inside that, I can get alot more 'bang for buck' doing this, and I don't have space constraints to worry about so can afford to be a bit more inefficient. In addiion, the fans will be 140ml and thus quieter. Good points on the noise though, last thing my parents in law will want is that! In terms of the UPS, i'm trying to get my PIL to install a power wall or something like that instead, but failing that i'll recommend something to them.....its just that they are so damn expensive! Yea, I'm thinking a tablet with a nice docking station might be the go here....limited availability of 'cool' stuff here in Australia though I've had a look at the Surveillance station product, but the licensing fees alone make it prohibitive. Given the price of what you pay for Synology gear, all of this should be free.
  8. Ok, so FIL came over, gave me $15k budget for the whole thing, but I don't think we will need anywhere near that much...maybe I can upgrade my PC somehow.... In any case, additional requirements are: 10x IP cameras, possibly 12, depending on the house they buy / build 8x probably UniFi G3 2x probably UniFi G4 Pro 1-2x maybe UniFi G3 Micro Motion detection on front-door cam, to alert his phone / tablet inside someone is at door An AV receiver which can connect to network music location (and Spotify) and then play to various parts of house (inside and outside) Ideally a large touch-screen PC in Kitchen, networked in I've no idea about the AV receiver, and can't seem to find any really good but cheap touch screen PCs - would a tablet be better for this? (I'm thinking yes) I've also started looking more closely at the server software configuration I'll be using, and how I'll do cable management with the rack itself. As I sort this stuff out I'll post as I go, and then do a final wrap-up for everything at the end. Are there any other hypervisors apart from Proxmox, that I should be looking at? Note, they have to be 100% free to use. thanks all
  9. Yep, I'll do this - not sure when the project will start though - my parents-in-law are looking for the right house to buy currently, so they will need to find that first. Will be a few months away at the very least. Planning for this is so important though, and I'll keep this thread updated right till then end They are coming this Saturday and I'll be able to hopefully finalise their list of needs Yea, I'm planing on keeping it on the server to keep costs down as much as possible. I also want to put their NVR softawre of the server, and use the NAS to store everything. I intend for the server to be on 24/7, so am trying to find as much low TDP stuff as I can.....within reason. Yea that's what I'm worried about, I've made a decision to switch the NAS to the DS1819+, and will probably have to put Plex / Emby on the server.....but I need to figure out the whole 'hardware acceleration aspect with a VGA card. Thank you - fair points and I'll adjust accordingly Yea, I'm 100% going Promxmox, but I spent a few hours last night looking at the issues people have had getting Plex / Emby to work with hardware acceleration...I'm sure its possible, only that a) I don't have experience with it, and b) don't want to spend all my weekends at the in-laws resolving issues haha. I'll figure it out though. Yes, I'm a bit away from the logical configuration, and will need to consider a lot. I'm not too familiar with best-practices in this area, beyond having things like the cameras on a separate VLAN (non internet accessible) and other basics like that. I'll need to figure it all out But I'll keep this thread updated with everything as I go, so others can learn as well. Thanks all
  10. So update so far, and thank you all for your help Router: USG-PRO-4 (about $460 AUD) Switch: US-48-500W (about $1,300 AUD) Wireless AP: UAP-nanoHD-3 (3 pack, about $800 AUD) NAS: Synology DS1817, with an additional 4GB RAM (total 8GB) (about $1,300 AUD) NAS HDD: Western Digital WD Red 8TB WD80EFAX (x8 about $355 each AUD) Ubiquiti SFP to connect to NAS with 10Gbps: UF-RJ45-10G (about $105 AUD) Consumer build PC for use as server: (about $1,700 AUD) Ryzen 7 3700x Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB Samsung 970 Pro 512GB M.2 Crucial BX500 120GB ThermalTake Core G3 case Corsaid SF 600 PSU I'm currently thinking that the server will run everything (detail on this to come later), apart from Plex / Emby which I'll put on the NAS for now and see how it goes. If its no good, then I'll look into a video card for the server, the only reason I'm hesitant currently, is because it looks like there are challenges passing through a VGA to Plex or Emby if you're running a hypervisor......still need to look further. Does LTT have a 'dummy guide' for configuring this stuff? Total so far: $8,500 Remaining bits are: All the home automation stuff they want (don't yet know what this is yet though) The cameras to sort out (will keep looking at the G3 Flex Cameras) The amount of cables Patch Panels Rack Chassis ancillary stuff like wall plates and cable management etc. Are there any key bits I'm missing? Thanks guys
  11. I'll have to build a server which is powerful enough to support a NVR, Plex, automation software, and anything else my in-laws dream up I'll need to be able to transcode 4k content to at least 1x TV concurrently, ideally 2x TVs concurrently, from PLEX I'm thinking of using Ryzen 3700 with 64GB RAM.....don't think i'd need a video card though, still early days in the research though. I'm also currently thinking building a consumer grade mini-tower to do it, as the bare-metal chassis for rack-mount servers seem to be about $800-$1,000 in Australia
  12. Thank you for the response @Jarsky I'll check out the networking equipment shortly. I don't need 2 switches, only thought it might be cheaper that way, as I don't need cat6a for the IP cameras, but I do for the rest of the house. The NAS looks good as well, however I've had a look at 'Surveillance Station NVR, and it will cost $1,000 in licenses, just to use the features....I'd rather use something like ZoneMinder on a server (if possible, haven't looked into it yet). I'll look into Ubiquiti for their NVR solution now. You don't happen to be affiliated with them by any chance? haha :) I'll be recommending an electrician to run the cables ahead of the config, as I've no interest in that side of the job :) But of course, will have to spec it properly beforehand. Is there a 'rack server PCpartPicker' site where I can configure a rack mount server? Never built one before...also not sure what specs to go with either. Thank you for your help :) For anyone watching this thread, i'll update as I go in case the decisions are useful to anyone else :)
  13. Hey all, so I need help with a project my wife's parents are looking at doing. In short, they are building a new home and want the following: IP cameras inside and out (wired) - at least 10 Remote door-unlock after viewing camera At least 2x wired ethernet ports in each room (lets say 10 rooms) Ability to view cameras from tablet + wall-mount touch-screen NAS to store everything they have, including movies and TV shows (at least 40TB usable space) PLEX server to watch their stuff, anywhere in the house + while on the move NVR to store / manage IP camera feeds Ability to have home-automation in the future (I don't know about this stuff) I'm meeting with them next week to get their actual requirements, but so far I'm thinking I'll need the following (and help with: PoE managed switch for IP cameras (24 port cat6) - but which one? IP cameras - but which ones? I don't want to pay any monthly fees / use their online solution NVR software - maybe ZoneMinder? NAS - but which one? Managed switch for home network (24 port cat6a) - but which one? Router - but which one? Patch panels - one for cat6 and one for cat6a - Ideally feed-through as opposed to punch-down 18RU wall-mount rack - but which one? 1RU rack-mount server (maybe an old DL360 G8?) - no idea about server grade hardware / software though Hypervisor - proxmox? Ability to have RAID 6 on 1RU server, or something so I can hot-swap in HDDs when they fail Touch-screen tablet thingy for use in kitchen to view stuff Other things i've not yet thought of The overarching aspects are: No paying monthly fees to anyone All OpenSource if possible Easy to maintain - i'll do the install and config and then hopefully annual maintenance only :) Cheap, but good quality stuff is more important I'm hoping people here can help me shape what I need to do. Thank you if you're able to assist :)