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  1. Will be wiring my house up with cat6 so they will be all hard wired. We'll the wireless ai mesh did have higher pinh and slower speeds found it far better than the current set up they had
  2. So I have 3 of the Asus rt-ac68u. When I was staying at my in-laws I was using the ai mesh mode to improve the WiFi for them. Now I moved into my own home I would like to use them with my vdls connection until they install the fiber in a month or two. My question is will the dsl cable work in the wan port? I know its fit but I can't test for another day or two as my connection is set up as I just moved in a day or two ago. Really hoping it will so I can start my little project of wiring the house up to had wired connection in every room. Thanks all
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. Kind of knew the server wouldn't be the best but rather use a server than my gaming pc. Serve would be keep in a room with ac and already have a rack it would fit into. May just use my gaming pc and keep a eye on how much it cost to run going 24/7. Imagine a i7 8700, 64gb of ram should be more than loads to run a few servers and still game on
  4. There is about 200ish people in my town who are pc gamers. So I host gaming servers for us all to play. (few different games at one) currently I just rent a vps in aus to host everything but was looking at just hosting at my house as I have the best Internet connection by far thanks to me going a little over board with my network set up also best deal I can get for power. Shopped around for it. Suck as I use to only pay. 08
  5. I'm from nz and I pay. 28 per kwh. That spec g7 only cost me $300nzd to buy but a g8 with lower specs is 1300nzd to buy.
  6. Hey guys, New to the site. So I'm looking at picking up a hp dl380 g7 with dual x5650, 48gb of ram and dual 700w power supplies. Now I tried to do as much research online as I can to get a rough idea of what a simlair spec server would cost to run in kwh for power. Hoping one of you guys could ge me a rough idea. Don't really wanna pick one up if it will cost a arm and leg to run. Cheera