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  1. As per title really, We all know about rack mounted server's that have the obligatory blinky led's to indicated activity, does anybody know of a case that indicates drive failure by maybe a red led??
  2. my phone charges via usb-c so ideally one cable to carry.... I know the surface go has a LTE modem within. Budget, thats a hard one, around £400-500 but for extra toys (fingerprint / windows hello, etc) id pay more
  3. Hi folks, Am after a laptop recommendation, here's my must have's; usb-c x2 ports ability to charge over usb-c (it can still have the dell/hp style barrel charge connector) Bluetooth Not a Mac and the would be nice to have's; HDMI (via a usb-c dongle is ok) SIM card slot for LTE upgradable storage UK based seller. enough cpu power to play 4k via HDMI All ideas gratefully received....