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  1. I have a cosmic byte headphone, GS410. The inside layer of the earpiece is getting really dirty due to overuse. I tried to open it and clean it, but it couldn't be open by just removing the screws. Has anyone previously opened one up, or have you come across a tutorial for that? please help.
  2. At least there is no removable battery in my lap, or anything visible like that. But for a few dates, my laptop is back to normal. so......
  3. you mean the small battery right? But its a laptop, so it doesn't have one....
  4. But, if so, it shouldn't work when re-inserting battery no?. Besides, it does boot ok sometimes. But sometimes, it stops.
  5. My laptop is an Asus R558uf. Recently i bought an SSD and replaced my HDD (i myself didn't do it, the service person did). For the past few days i am having this problem. My lap won't boot. It don't even boot up to BIOS. It kinda stops booting even before that. Check the image. It stays like that for hours. Until i decided to open up my lap, and popped out my battery and re-inserted it. Then it worked good as new.....until i shutdown again. After which i again have to pop out and reinsert battery again. So, anyone have any ideas???
  6. yeah...wait for steam sales...there are times when the price dropped to about Rs 500 for pubg. Just keep it in wishlist and you will get the mail when the price drops.
  7. Well guys, if anyone is following this thread. There has been an update. I accidentally dropped my lap and it's HDD broke i.e it will enter BIOS and flicker their. It won't exit bios or even boot. They said to replace the HDD, but 1TB hard disc is about 3500INR. So I told them to put a 240 GB SSD instead which is about 2600INR. So...I think my wish was fulfilled, but in a bad way....
  8. Thank you all for your knowledge.....Guess i will buy one.. Thanks again
  9. I am trying to upgrade my laptop with an SSD. So it got me thinking. Should i buy a new SSD or get a second-hand one available online?. What is the general opinion? I am a college student and gamer. So what should i do?
  10. hi, a little help. How to disable - key (one on the numpad side). What is the code -to type. PL-ese help (I think you can see the problem)
  11. understood. Thanks for the help
  12. but my HDD is internal not external, still can i do it? without a PC?
  13. My family takes a lot of images and videos on vacations and we don't have a lot of space to store. I have a spare 1 TB internal HDD. So is there a way to like connect it to the wi-fi router and make a cloud storage sort of thing?
  14. ok. Thank you again for the help.