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    Buys RGB PC parts. Disables all of the RGB elements.
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    A job


  • CPU
    AMD Zen 2
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    RTX (super)
  • Case
    Bequiet! Dark Base Pro 900 (rev 1.5)
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    It works
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    Squeak squeak
  • Sound
    Old speakers from my garage
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    from 2009
  1. I've looked over this stuff. I'm aware of the potential problems
  2. I'd like to purchase one for my laptop, but the only sellers which I can fine are ones on ebay or newegg which all have little to no reviews - they aren't exactly good reviews either.
  3. If you think it would work, I'd be cool with that (no pun intended). I'm in the US, but I can pay for the shipping So long as it would be compatible with my board
  4. Yeah, I've looked at TDPs and stuff like that. I think the i7 is a 45w while my current one is a 35w. Cooling is fine, and I don't really care about battery life since I'm basically always close to an outlet.
  5. Good point. $50 isn't bad for an upgrade to a system that I have though. That Lenovo seems pretty good, but IDK what I'd do with an old laptop. I guess I'm just trying to get as much as I can out of my current one before I get something new
  6. It is my main laptop still, even though I've had it since 2011 I think. I keep it because it's easy to work on and has a numpad (why that's hard to find IDK). It's basically a project at this point and it's also because I've already upgraded things like the OS from w7 to w10 and an SSD
  7. I have a Toshiba Satellite L755-s5153 (what a great name), which has an intel B960 CPU. The motherboard has a model name/number of A000080130 and the chipset is intel's HM65 express chipset (nothing about it is "express" but whatever). There's a forum post by "Amaturemo destW7" on tom'sHARDWARE. He had the same exact same laptop, CPU, etc. and managed to upgrade to an i7 2670QM. I'm not sure if he had to update the BIOS though - not a problem if he did. My questions, are 1. Would I be able to go with the i7 3615QE instead? Toshiba has basically no customer support, and intel's is closed right now. Intel's own website claims that this CPU is compatible with the HM65 chipset 2. Regardless of what CPU I get, is it safe to buy used? I've never purchased used hardware before, so I'm worried that I'll buy one and it'll be a bomb or have something attached to it that'll give someone all of my information, money, etc. (not paranoid in anyway). *The i7 2670QM seems to be the best and simplest option, so would anyone happen to be willing to sell one or know a good seller who could?