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  1. Im looking for some new coding challenges to help expand my knowledge of JavaScript
  2. I am trying to create a website where you click a button and it takes you to a random (ish) website. right now it works but i have all the information stored in an array. I would like to have to information(web addresses) store in an excel spreadsheet to add more websites easily. Any got any ideas how to manipulate this data to read from a cell destination?
  3. You can on a DIY. but if you get something like synology then you know you have a supported app and have support for it.
  4. I would say DIY(but dont use new parts either buy a second hand machine or convert an old one you have). But that is what i would use for the files that i want to store and that i only use mine with my Desktop PC or my laptop. An enclosure is good because you can easily access the files on your phone with apps created by the manufacture but you have to check that when buying one.
  5. Thanks im gonna have a look more into this. Thanks for the help
  6. Hi, I am looking to create a server for my comics that i have on a hard drive. I have use ubooquity(which is a home server that allows you to read comics at home through the IP). This works great and im happy with it. I would just like to read them when im not connected to my home internet. Any got any ideas? I have a little knowledge with programming and web dev but not that much. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.