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  1. oh sorry. budget around 200 - 300 dollar. i live in sweden
  2. Hello i like changing my setup very often. around every 2 year. now im into buying a new headset, the one i have now is Roccat Kave XTD Analog. I really liked that i could feel the sound from the sub and that is had real sorround. only thing i dont like is the sound quality when playing loud music. so i would love some recommendations on real sorround sound where you can feel the sound. (no razer, im not fan.) edit: budget around 200 - 300 dollar. i live in sweden
  3. Hello, i played minecraft for like 8+hours straight, and after that i checked HWMonitor under i7-8700/Powers tab, and it said 87 watt max and IA Cores at 84 watt. my cpu reached 70 degrees celsius, and it never does. even tho i know its safe up to like 90, but why did it say 83 and 87 wattage?