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  1. 插上电源绿色指示灯常亮,按开机键没有反应。无法开机,断电拆开后盖拔掉电池长按/短按开机键很多次按上后盖插电开机依旧无法点亮。插电后依旧绿色指示灯常亮。 The green indicator light was on while plugged in the power supply but when I pushed the power button nothing happened. I can't boot up this laptop anymore. After I'd disconnected the power supply and removed the battery, I tried to press the power button many times. After that, I connected the power supply and it's still not turned on. The green indicator light was on after I connected the power supply 因为没有图纸无法测量哪里的问题 Because I don't have the blueprints of this laptop so I don't know what's going on. 型号:小米笔记本13.3 161301-01 Model: Xiaomi Laptop 13.3 161301-01