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  1. What is your cpu and your afterburner oc settings? 1506 is base clock. It almost looks like it is trying to boost, and then immediately drops. Maybe you could also download gpu-z and check sensors -> perfcap reason while running the benchmark.
  2. Is your ram running dual channel at rated speed? You can check this with cpu-z.
  3. Since catalina dropped support for 32 bit apps, not having 64 bit emulation would be almost useless. Or are you talking about windows?
  4. Have you checked that your ram is running at your rated speed in dual channel? You can check this with CPU-Z.
  5. Will it not let you manually set any voltages or is it just reverting to 1.2?
  6. Are you sure your flash drive fully works? Try a different one and/or check your drive with h2testw.
  7. Hmm. I think you mainly need to pay attention to the motherboard and not the CPU. I think a z series should let you run high speed ram without a k series CPU, but I would like someone else to confirm this. Or you could see if it at least lets you manually oc your ram. Your mobo support page says up to 3200MHz. Although, my msi mobo says 3600 max on it and will let me manually select higher, but IDK if XMP will go higher than listed. So you might not want to bother with more than 3200? Higher speed is better, and lower CAS latency/timings is better. Also keep in mind that a faster speed also improves actual latency. For example, 3600 CL 18 has the same latency as 3200 CL 16, but the 3600 has higher bandwidth.
  8. You could try overclocking your ram to at least help, but a relatively fast set would probably be better. Maybe this unless you can find a cheaper and still relatively fast kit.
  9. Lets try to fix your ram first. Do you have two sticks of ram? Dual channel is typically slot 1 and 3 or 2 and 4. Check your motherboard manual, though. If you only have one stick, you will have a hard time with performance. Also, is your ram supposed to be 2133? That is typical without xmp, although if you bought cheap ram that might be its max. My bench: Gpu bound is when your gpu is why your framerate is low. So something else is holding your framerate back. Your cpu should probably beat mine, since my short google suggests SotTR works better with 4c8t. Although, my OC might lower that gap. That basically leaves ram. With single channel 2133, I'm surprised it isn't worse. Can you send a listing of what you bought?
  10. Can you see if a single thread benchmark/stress test shows the same thing? Windows seems to move threads between cores. I suspect either your cpu or your ram speed is the problem. Your cpu is not outstanding, and your ram is slow. Double check if your ram is dual channel. You can see this with cpu-z channel #. You could also try some sort of benchmark that tries to check if you are gpu bound like shadow of the tomb raider.
  11. A lot of budget phones seem to use 32 bit android to save memory. For example, the moto g5 plus and moto g7 play are 32 bit AFAIK.
  12. Just to clarify, normal while running a game or normal while not doing anything?
  13. Can you set both windows and nvidia to high performance? Can you also run a benchmark for cpu and gpu? IIRC windows swaps which core is active so a single intensive thread will show as a partial load for all cores.