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  1. I will not likely be doing much rendering, but ill be using solidworks for 3d modeling
  2. I looked at the list entirety and it looks like there are incompatibilities with the dimensions and bios updates
  3. Windows, not sure if I should go for 8 or 10 but I have pro for 7, 8, and 10 so if it matters those are my choices
  4. Hello forums, I’m relatively new to pc and am looking at building a new pc from scratch. I am looking into a pc for 3D modeling. I will be doing 3D modeling and occasional rendering on my new pc. I’m looking for something affordable, less than $1000. I would build one myself but I’m new and don’t quite understand how parts go together. If someone could please assemble a list of compatible parts, I would really appreciate it.
  5. Lol no gaming for me... legit just Microsoft office, chrome, and solidworks( a TON of solidworks)
  6. Lol I have both and I thought that too, since I did my research and found the Alienware to have superior parts for what I have but I have been using both on and off and the Alienware is odd; it jumps to 100% disk usage or the fans just randomly begin spinning ridiculously fast&loud, but the XPS just heats up a little more instead
  7. Mostly solidworks, so single thread. Is the 8700 better for that?
  8. Hi forums, My old laptop has recently broken after 4 years, and I am looking into a new one. My budget is $1000 USD, and I have to get a prebuilt (parent’s requirements) I have narrowed down my choices to an [Alienware aurora r7 with core i7 8700 3.2ghz, nvidia GeForce gtx 1060 with 6gb gddr5 vram, 16 gb ddr4 ram with 16 gb octane memory+ 1 tb hdd] or [Dell XPS 8930 with core i7 9700 3.0 ghz, nvidia GeForce gtx 1050 ti with 4 ghost gddr4 vram, 16 gb ddr4 ram, 256 gb ssd+ 1 tb sata hdd] if possible can someone compare these PCs based on the parts and let me know which is better and why? I’m pretty new to PCs and I need a powerful computer to run 3D modeling which my old laptop turned desktop could not handle it. I would like this pic to be able to handle 3D modeling/design with minimal stress also, if there’s a better option that’s prebuilt, please let me know and I will explore a bit more!! -Thanks-
  9. The gpu is intel integrated and there is no clogging, but if thermal paste makes this happen as well, that could be it. I have no thermal paste so i wont know for a while tho.
  10. it is not a laptop, and no it never got hot. it is a thinkcentre which i thought were reliable but it only worked for about 2 months.
  11. I have a Lenovo m53 desktop from 2016-17.In 2017, it stopped displaying no matter what i try. I have recently resumed attempts to make it operational again, but im out of ideas. The computer boots, and connects to my tiny-in-one 23 but it wont display anything through vga or displayport, and im not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot it. it seems to connect but just doesnt display anything.