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    Photography, video editing, and some computer rigs
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    I'm a newbie, learning about PC rigs.
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  1. Hi, I'm using Nikon D3100. I usually format my memory card on my computer, I don't prefer the camera's format option. But unfortunately, a few days ago, somehow I formatted the memory card from the camera and now my computer is not detecting the memory card anymore. It just appears nothing. It appears in the Disk Management (I'm using Windows 10) but I can't explore or change the letter of the drive. I tried EaseUS Partition Master and it appears too. The file system was MBR and I changed it to GPT. Boom! Now it works well. But now the camera doesn't support the memory card, it says "Unformatted, please format". I tried everything but it only works if I format it again from the camera (and of course, it doesn't work on the computer again). How do I solve this issue? I hope somebody can help with this. It's a nightmare transferring files over the USB connection of the camera. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a micro SD card. I usually use it for my DSLR camera. But recently, I formatted it and now it is not detected by my computer. My other SD cards detected, so the problem is on the specific micro SD. It's not detected by the computer but it's detected in the EaseUS Partition Master software. I was able to format it as NTFS and default cluster size. Now it's detected by the computer, I was able to transfer files into it. But when I disconnect and connect it again, only micro SD's name is appearing on the file explorer. I can't enter it, and EaseUS can't detect it too. I have no option left other than formatting it again on the DSLR. How can I make my micro SD work again? I don't think it's a defect since it's only 1-year-old Kingston micro SD.
  3. I'll try the FTP server advice. Thanks for the suggestion EDIT: Tried that, the transfer speed increased to 5 MB/s and it's still far better than 300 KB/s. Thanks again
  4. Both of them using 802.11.n, although the newer laptop can connect through 802.11.ac on the wifi. And 300 Mbps is about 37.5 MB/s, if it was as you said, my 24 Mbps internet speed will equal to 3 KB/s...
  5. Hi, I regularly transfer files between my two laptops. Transferring files with a USB drive or memory card seems the best but I want to transfer files over my modem or LAN. I opened the network sharing etc, succeed to transfer files over LAN but its too slow, up to 300 KB/sec. Why it is so slow? My computers aren't far away from the modem (let's say 10 meters). The 24 Mbps speed test results are not different if I'm near or 10 meters far from the modem. Also, the modem supports 1300/300 Mbps of speed. The ethernet is not an option here because both of my laptops have no ethernet ports. How do I solve this? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I have a computer that has a USB 3.0 type A and a USB 3.1 (Gen 1) type C port. Also, I have a USB 3.1 compatible type A flash drive. USB 3.0 is fast enough but just wondering, what if I can connect it to the type C port? Will it get the USB 3.1 speed? I have a USB-C to the USB-A converter. If I buy a female-to-female USB adapter, and connect with the flash drive together, will it be faster than connecting it directly to the USB 3.0 port? Will the female-to-female USB adapter be the bottleneck, is it matter if it's a USB 2.0 adapter? Somewhat this looks like this: The computer's USB-C port > USB-C to USB-A converter > USB-A female/female adapter > the actual drive I know this is a weird question but just wondering. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have an old laptop, which is a hybrid laptop with only 32 GB of space, 2 GB of RAM (DDR3), and an Intel Atom Z3735F CPU. I've been using it for 4 years in total. Currently, it has a Windows 10 (32-bit). Nowadays it feels slow, even if I format/factory reset it. I start to think about switching to Linux on it but should I? I'm a bit concerned about hardware compatibilities like audio or display brightness. Ubuntu has high system requirements, the same for Linux Mint. I found out that Xubuntu and Lubuntu may be the sweet spot for my laptop. But are they good? Are there any better alternatives? On the laptop, I'm planning to stream videos locally or from the web. And one more question, can any program that has a Linux version can be installed on any Linux distribution? Thanks.
  8. Hi, These days, distance education is available in most countries. For that, teachers are using software like Zoom and this is bad for users that are worried about their privacy. In my country, the local distance education content network made new software about this. The software only works on a PC, by downloading and installing it on the computer. However, I still concerned about privacy. The teachers are requiring us to use that software. We don't trust companies that have millions, billions of users but how can we just trust a random software? To enter the class, what can I do for ensuring my data isn't stolen? For example, if I install the software and use it from a virtual machine, will it work? (at least I ensured my data on the computer is safe) Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have two laptops. I use the old one for streaming TV series videos (that I've downloaded) to my grandmother. But whenever I want to change the video, I should go there and back to the room like every 30 minutes. I tried the VLC for making playlists for that, so it can change the video whenever the previous one ends. But it just doesn't work well (because of the titles or something else), and sometimes I want to show today's news or change the series when my grandmother didn't like the current series. In short, I'm searching for Windows software that I can stream videos from my new laptop to the old laptop. Some programs that I can control the old laptop video stream. I tried TeamViewer but because my old laptop is slow, it doesn't benefit at all. For example, if I can make Youtube live streaming from my new laptop to the old laptop, it will work. But preferably over the modem (wifi), not through the internet. Does anybody have a suggestion for this? I will be glad for any suggestions. Thanks!
  10. Just wondered, why does Microsoft just don't include their fast, upgraded/updated Microsoft Edge on the new laptops? (Bought a laptop early this year and it still come with the old Edge.) Or even after updating Windows 10? It would be nice if they include the Edge update to the latest version of Windows 10, rather than manually installing it from the website. The cause I opening this topic is, after a few months (or even a year), I didn't understand why the Edge logo don't update as it is on tech news. Tried to update it from "About" page like Chrome but the option was not available. I just learnt I should download it from Microsoft to update it. Maybe there are a lot of users like me, don't even know about the updated Edge. (I'm not an Edge fan, but sometimes it can be my best alternative browser when there are issues on Chrome.)
  11. Oops, now I found that on default, now it signs to my second user account and its PIN wasn't able to use, turns out my original user account now works. Thanks for helping! I will update if the issue continues to occur.
  12. I use Acer Swift 3 (SF315-52G). Also the latest XTU version wasn't working with my laptop, I downloaded a previous version that was provided from someone in Acer community. I have tried the ThrottleStop but didn't understand the process much, but I still have it installed on my laptop.
  13. I did it on BIOS. It didn't ask for confirmation too, so it was absolute accidental. When I do the Alt + F10 combination, I reach to the "Choose an option" menu of Windows, says "Continue", "Troubleshoot" and "Turn off your PC". Also, I tried for change my BIOS to default and set TPM hierarchy enable, I boot, it asks for bitlocker recovery key. I entered it, now I can log in to Windows 10 (except it gives error to enter PIN, also didn't able to sign in with fingerprint too, just password). It says "Your PIN is no longer available due to a change to the security settings on this device." It also don't set a PIN, when I try to change it, the tab just don't appear.
  14. Hi, I was discovering the BIOS options in my Acer Swift 3. But mistakenly I cleared TPM state and now I can't use my laptop, it keeps going to automatic repair and says the automatic repair didn't work. What should I do? Can you guys help me? Thanks.
  15. I think my laptop has that limit. I noticed every time the power limit throttling on (when 100% utilization), the package TDP drops to 10W (max 13W). The temperature average didn't change more than 2-3°C. I increased the turbo boost limits to 25W, btw I equalized both turbo boost power max and turbo boost short power max. Seems like the frequency increased by 5%? Whatever, the undervolted CPU still better than the default one.