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    What's the best PC $800-$1000 can buy today?

    https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/R3G323/great-amd-gamingstreaming-build Saw this on the front page, looks about what you're looking for. At that budget range Ryzen is definitely your best bet as the price/performance of the new gen is far better than anything Intel is offering right now for gaming and other workloads. If you want RGB you can always put in more fans or get a different gfx card, however if you're looking to buy an RGB mobo or RAM you'll have to check the compatibility with the Ryzen 3600.
  2. mattgco


    In that case, I would worry more about CPU/mobo compatibility as the bios on my Asus B450-F won't let me change the core ratio with the new Ryzen chip. It may be worth getting one of the new X570 boards if you have the funds. I couldn't find the 3600MHz kit on this list: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/62vp2g/clearing_up_any_samsung_bdie_confusion_eg_on/ However, I think any DDR4 over 3433MHz is likely to be b-die.
  3. mattgco


    I have tried the 3000MHz CL16 Vengeance LPX on the 2600X and it would not even boot at the rated speed. I have since switched to a kit of 3200MHz Pro RGB CL16 and the 3600 and the RAM is unstable at 3200 but runs up to 3400 on the 2600X. The RAM is likely to work however you may have to tweak the bios settings. It also depends on the manufacturer of the chips on the memory, I believe both of my kits were Hynix. The kit you linked is Samsung B-die which are higher quality ICs and therefore more likely to run at higher speeds/lower timings. It may also depend on your choice of CPU as I've seen the 2700X overclocks well with memory. In terms of your mobo, the VRMs should be able to handle an overclock well according to this tier list: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/9uc6bi/am4_b450x470_vrm_tier_list/ Finally, I would recommend buying from somewhere with a good returns policy such as Amazon. Then if you run into issues you can try another kit. Hope this helps
  4. I've been having issues overclocking the Ryzen 5 3600 on the Asus B450-F through the bios. The memory I'm running is 2x8gb of Corsair Vengence Pro RGB 3200Mhz CL16. The chip will run up to 4.3Ghz through the Ryzen Master utility however certain bios settings like CPU ratio and voltage seem to have no effect on reboot. I confirmed the board wasn't faulty with a 2600X which would overclock fine and run the memory up to 3400Mhz but was strict on the timings even when lowering the frequency and upping voltage. The 3600 will only run the memory at 3000Mhz but will boot with lower timings although the DRAM voltage only goes up to 1.35V. I tried flashing both of the Ryzen 3000 compatible bios for the board which did not work. Just wondering if anyone else with this or a similar combo is having problems, I am currently thinking this is a bios issue and will hopefully be fixed in a later build. Thanks for reading and any suggestions are more than welcome!
  5. mattgco

    Raid 0 with SSD caching?

    I didn't consider the price of Primo after the trial period, that is a factor I will have to take into account. I would prefer not to spend more as I have recently updated the entire rig and already run into unforeseen costs. I think I'll try StoreMI with a partition to see if there is any improvement as I have heard the results are mixed; I plan on doing a fresh install of Windows soon anyway. Thanks for the advice!
  6. mattgco

    Raid 0 with SSD caching?

    Hello, first post here just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for configuring the drives in my gaming setup. The drives in question: 1x WD Black 256gb NvME SSD 2x WD Black 1tb HDD I currently have the entire SSD as boot drive and HDDs set up in raid0 (through mobo and drivers). The larger storage will be used solely as a games drive and I do not intend on installing any intensive applications on the SSD. My question is, should I just stick with the current configuration and move games to SSD for better performance or use caching/tiering to accelerate game load times? Current ideas are partitioning the SSD (60gb/120gb?) and using this to accelerate the HDDs. Alternatively, I could install Windows to the HDDs and use the entire SSD for caching. Would this give more leeway in terms of the number of separate games cached or just slow down boot? Finally, unsure which software to use for this. I am aware of AMDStoreMI (running on AMD platform so RST is out of the question) and Primocache. Thanks for reading and any help would be greatly appreciated.