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  1. Your call, those look good: http://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Tt-eSports-Keyboard-EAC-MIS001BP/dp/B00576ARDM/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1407260913&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=carry+bag+lan+transporter http://www.amazon.com/GearGrip-Desktop-Mid-Tower-52-Inch-Circumference/dp/B00021UJ62/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1407260913&sr=8-2-fkmr1&keywords=carry+bag+lan+transporter
  2. Drive image xml works for me, even its primary use yields on cloning partitions. You will end making multiples files for every time you make a back up (or at least a big file each time, as big as the partition you want to clone).
  3. Or you can install klite codec pack, with windows media player classic I personally preffer xbmc, but wmp its quite good too
  4. To put it simply, a hdd will die once it reaches 50 bad sectors, at least in my experience. Please buck up and make effective your warranty asap.
  5. May be this could help you with free NAS: Introduction to free NAS Another useful info How to build your own router and NAS
  6. http://perixx.com/en/products/perixx-pro-1.html It is a rubber dome keyboard (membrane).
  7. So, I have an apple ipod touch 2g, good device, but bumped last night by youtube and apple store becouse while surfing videos, suddenly appeared a dialogue box wich in mandatory way wich said: Update your youtube app, but oh surprise, my iOS version is 4.0.... soooo now I can´t watch youtube, only browse the videos but no access to my account. Great. - Itunes is not compatible with my ipod, so I can not syncrhonize my media, only third party software - Law sue war between those two, so I am now screwed - I spent $500 US back in the day for the device, so I had a reasonable expectative on its durabitily - Next purchase will be an android device (tablet, not phone, becouse I am not a phone guy) Maybe this option gave me some rest, until the next arbitrary decision. What do you guys think? Feel free to rant, opine, and If You can, give some useful advice. Have a nice day
  8. Or just use this on firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/anonymox/
  9. Your hdd is going to fail, please make a backup as soon as possible. When a hdd starts to make weird noises is a signal of physical damage. Backup.
  10. Thank you for the fast response. I´ll do what you are sugesting. My bad, I was only avoiding to put scratchtes on my laptop screen. I´ll take care of that inmediatly. I hope to buy the thermal paste tomorrow.
  11. This is my a665, I decided to take it apart becouse it started to shut off randonmly and recently the notebook did not even started windows. 2 seconds and bam, off again. I checked the cooling fan atached to the heatsink, and seems to work fine. The operation temperatures are 50°C, not too much in my opinion. I learned something about the thermal pads, and they melted and the thermal compound has melted, recrystalized and stuck to the processor (how is It still alive? that scape from my knowledge..) Guys give some advice, the thermal pads look like a horrible solution to cool the laptop from start, buy they are cheap, Should I replace them with termal compuound? (cooler master, thermaltake, silver, whatever you like...) I want to start the repair as soon as possible, Thank you for helping. This is what I found on my board:
  12. You would like to start, making two different partitions, There are multiple options to do it. This is one of them: http://lifehacker.com/292972/partition-and-image-your-hard-drive-with-the-system-rescue-cd
  13. Self explanatory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcUBpgmHgcg Any fanboyism is bad
  14. What about the 5th option guys?, making unboxing videos again Cheers
  15. This is the answer: http://windows7themes.net/fix-setup-was-unable-to-create-a-new-system-partition-or-locate-an-existing-system-partition.html Fix: Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition Written by: Oliver Krautscheid - Published: Sunday, May 19th, 2013 You are trying to install Windows 7 or 8 and you get the error “Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition”? Then follow this guide to fix this error in 10 minutes Ads: IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you receive the error Setup was unable to create a new system partition make sure to unplug ALL of your RAID drives, external drives AND USB drives and then try to install Windows again – chances are it will work immediately Tip: If the steps below do NOT work, try creating a partition using the Free Partition Wizard Table Of Contents - Quick Links! Fixing the problem Proceed with caution you will lose any data below! Create partition Fixing the problemTip: Before proceeding, I recommend that you unplug all hard drives with valuable data on it to avoid cleaning a drive with data you might need – don’t say I didn’t warn you later 1. Cancel your current installation when it says “Setup was unable to create a new system partition” and reboot 2. This time below the Install Now button click on Advanced / Repair your computer as seen below 3. Windows might not find any previous installations in that case it will try to restore Windows from an image, click continue and always select cancel until you see this 4. Click on Command prompt 5. It will say X:\Sources 6. Enter diskpart and hit Enter 7. Enter list volume and verify that you can safely delete those partitions that are on this disk. If you are NOT SURE stop now and don’t proceed Proceed with caution you will lose any data below!8. Enter list disk to list all of your connected hard drives 9. It will say Disk 0, Disk 1 etc and list the status e.g. “Online” (If you see multiple disks here and you are NOT sure which disk you want to clean unplug all disks you don’t want to clean and repeat steps 1-9 so that you only see the one disk that you want to clean) 10. Alright, now enter select Disk 0 and it will respond Disk 0 is now the selected disk 11. Enter clean and hit Enter (cautious, there will be no Yes/No and it will remove all data) 12. It should respond DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk. 13. You are now good to go, reboot and install Windows 7 or Windows 8 again 13.1 Enter convert mbr and if this error appears run clean again Done! Virtual Disk Service error: The specified disk is not convertible. CDROMs and DVDs are examples of disks that are not convertable. Create partition14. Enter create partition primary 15. Enter format fs=ntfs quick (if you have problems try removing quick) 16. The response will be DiskPart sucessfully formated the volume 17. Enter list volume to confirm that it was formatted using NTFS Done! 18 You now have a working NFTS partition you can install Windows 7 on or Windows 8 or any other OS that supports NTFS
  16. Apple. Overpriced and unsupported devices after 2 years, Apple. Designed to get obsolote with new OS version, discuss f I am wrong. Before you ask, yes, I have an apple pruduct (Ipod touch 2n gen), the thing works until today, but with a 3rd party software becouse the lack of support of Itunes...... seriously apple wtf? LG Every piece of hardware failied myserably. After 2 consecutive purchases (dvd burner and tv). You will never have my bussines again
  17. valkko

    Bass Amp Software?

    Sony xb-400 in my opinion. You can not go wrong if you like bass on your headphones (over the ear)
  18. You will need a software to make a booting image from your windows disc, to write it into your usb drive The process is pretty easy and does not require any deep knowledge. Copying the files manually will not work at all. This is how http://lifehacker.com/5840252/install-windows-8-from-a-usb-stick works on win 7 as well as win 8
  19. Two lifehacker how to guides ,related to your issue: http://lifehacker.com/5837543/how-to-migrate-to-a-solid+state-drive-without-reinstalling-windows With drive xml http://lifehacker.com/326086/hot-image-your-pcs-hard-drive-with-driveimage-xml
  20. I used Opera browser. The drivers didn´t want to resume with FF and IE. The only issue is you have to pay attention to downloading process becouse the server stops the transmission from time to time. Just press right click and put resume. Repeat as much as you need (until the donwload its complete)
  21. Even if you are not a hardcore racing gamer, 50 are way too few for a decent wheel. On that price range, the best you can get are cheap knock offs from chinesse OEMs, and believe me when I say you, they are not worthy. After 6 months the pedals and the wheel itself will break. Try to save a little more. Logitech have good products, starting with $150 Us (Driving force gt wheel + pedals, no clutch), everything below it will be a waste or your money. Instead, try a xbox 360 wired or wireless gamepad version ($70 us i think) or a dual shock style (ps or not, makes no difference, just a personal preference)