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  1. No. Why not headphones + usb mic? I wear glasses too., That works for me everytime.
  2. Keyboard. Razer lycosa : Owned by a year and a half. Refused to charge profiles for no reason. Mouse Razer lachesis : Owned by a year and a half. The laser sensor died on me. I am not a fanboy. I live abroad. I always buy logitech, becouse I have never needed to make effective a guarantee (nor that I have the chance either). In my book 1.5 years are too short in lifespan PC accesories. In my opinion, Razer overcharges for aesthetics (very subjective area), and they dont feel really sturdy. My advice, try out first on your favorite dealer, or your friend´s home, read the reviews (amazon, 3 stars not so biassed), form your own opinion, and keep a very healthy dosses of skepticism
  3. Bad luck, your card is dying, replace it as soon as you can.
  4. valkko

    Amp or DAC Needed?

    I use an Encore (ENMAB-8CM) DAC, no AMP 32 USD 7.1 ch USB external card Optical out Sounds better than my onboard audio (asus rog ramptage III) Headphones: Sony xb 400 (they are fine for me, basshead? sure)
  5. Did you try windows + P / duplicate ,or windows + P / only pc ?
  6. Epson L355, wi fi, but usb too, CMYK, not the best quality on color, but decent. You can make copies on both color and black & white. up to 20 copies with one button (only on one side) Scans pretty fast. An ok printer, 260 USD, Amazon.
  7. avg + malwarebytes + spywareblaster
  8. Maybe you have let the hdd fallen anytime? I use teracopy to tranfer data from my pc to my sister´s 1tb USB 3.0 external hdd (samnsung) She let her disc to fell down 3 months ago, and since, its performance has been erratic. From time to time the transfer freezes, specially when I try to copy big files (>4gb like your case) with windows explorer, but teracopy never lets me down.
  9. valkko

    Sarkeesian on ABC

    I will just leave this here...
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9T6WGFmam0
  11. I use this for multiple purposes, it is not very intuitive, but makes the job done: Rename master http://www.joejoesoft.com/vcms/108/
  12. I recommend thermal paste, and not thermal pads. The pads tends to wear trhougth the time: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/159676-thermal-pads-melted-on-toshiba-a665-needing-a-little-advice/ I used a generic thermal paste, with good results. i will provide technical specs later.
  13. Logitech g600, great grip (palm) 17 buttons macros, 3 profiles (6 with switch button) customizable dpi 1 - 8500 dpi It is a bulky mouse, wieghts enough to gives you a nice feeling on your palm Braided cable Every button has rgb backlite Plain texture (rugged on pinky and thumb fingers)
  14. Like these ones? http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/skin.htm
  15. 1440p for future upgrades
  16. You will not have any problems at all. Suggestions: - Make your backup in a external hdd - Sometimes putting an pre existent OS on new hardware could lead to incampatibilities with drivers. If you get and BSOD (blue screen of the dead) Just search for the new drivers and you will ready to go. - If that does not give you a peace of mind, go an do a fresh install. The only problem I can see is your old hdd failing due to wearing over the time. It is always good monitoring the hdd health with a program like crystal disk info.
  17. I use logitech g600. Maybe an overkill in your case: Pros - Great for multiple tasks, 20 programbalbe buttons - You can choose between 1-8500 dpi ( I rarelly use above 1350 ) - Very comfortable ( I have a wide palm with short fingers ) Cons - Third right button (for expadibility and more macross siwtch, tends to confuse me sometimes)
  18. One idea from youtube This could work for you A Monster energy Pc case build tread (manufactured, not CNC, just tu give you an idea) You can try getting the monster logo on vector format, (you can resize it in any way you want without pixeling issues) Monster Logo vector
  19. Not at all. I have 4 samsung monitors, all working ok
  20. Toshiba, hitachi, samsung. (many seagates has died on me, just my personal experience )
  21. I use sony xb 400 on regular basis (on ear) for commuting ,gaming, listening to music and playing movies. Really comfortable, and no hassle with glasses.
  22. Faulty hardware, make effective your warranty if the devices are under the coverage period.