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    Alright so, the problem is, is that, everytime someone starts an upload process on my mother's DSL Internet connection provided to us by Comwave, which is an ISP in Canada. During someone doing an upload on the DSL internet connection, the entire internet connection just completely cuts off for everyone/or becomes really really slow for everyone, and some loading problems start while loading websites like images for example, this happens on every single device until the upload process is stopped or completed. This becomes highly annoying to me when you know, someone in the house comes up to me every single dang time complaining about why the internet connection is not working, or is really really slow. We have been having this unresolved scratching my head problem since April 2016, when we signed up for this DSL internet connection, and my mother's house still has this internet connection due to a 3 year term from 2016 to 2019. Comwave does not even list their Internet 15 plan anymore on their website, and replaced it with all Cable Internet plans. So I guess, Internet 15 is now considered to be a grandfathered plan? I am not entirely sure on that though...

    Internet Plan name: Internet 15
    Speeds: 15mbps Download Speed, 1mbps upload speed
    Data: Unlimited

    I looked it up on Google to see what was causing the above problem, and I came back with the terms Bufferbloat and QoS.

    Bufferbloat causes the ping on the internet connection to skyrocket to like 1000ms+ everytime when someone is uploading, causing major lag/being kicked out from the match entirely from online gaming and causing major lag for Voice Over IP applications like Discord for example due to the high ping.

    For the term QoS, meaning Quality of Service, looking it up on Google told me that people should find this feature on their router's control panel, and QoS feature should be helpful with this problem. However I went into the router's control panel, and I do not see a feature like that in the Comwave provided router at all, all I see is an option for Port Forwarding, thats it. Which is a total bummer.

    The provided DSL Gateway router from Comwave, is the SmartRG SR360N, and it looks like Comwave themselves has flashed the firmware with their own firmware, as going to the router IP address redirects me to their Control Panel for the router, located directly on their website (comwave.net), instead of going directly in the Routers IP address showing in the address bar, which is kinda interesting to me honestly. As seen here:


    I even attempted to contact the official Comwave Twitter account directly on Twitter about this problem that I am having myself, and the constant responses back from them are that they keep on begging me to give them my phone number, so that they can schedule a callback to me to try and to attempt to help me solve this problem, but I have been reluctant to do so since the DSL Internet Connection is under my mother's account by Comwave, and not to me. My mother even refuses to call Comwave's customer support directly themselves on the phone for whatever reason, probably because she does not want to deal with it, even though she is the customer, and not me. Comwave even attempted to offer me help from a Senior Technician, but I never accepted that offer, at least not yet.:



    I don't know what else to do at this point, if I should proceed with giving Comwave my phone number anyways for them to schedule a callback to me and not to my mom to attempt to try and to fix this problem themselves with their technical support.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all the adventures I have to deal with regarding Comwave. An ISP in Canada.

    Any replies back here on any advice that I should do would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Online gaming hardly uses speed or data. Online gaming just focuses on the ping of your internet connection, the lower number ping, the better performance that you will experience for online gaming. you can find out what your ping is on your internet connection while doing a speedtest over at speedtest.net for example.