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  1. I checked the IO, there are all HDMI ports at the back, I was looking for a Display port but couldn't find one, but in Linus's video it was mentioned that it will support G-sync
  2. So, I'm planning on buying a new TV, the C9 seems to tick all the boxes for me. Now I will be doing some mild gaming on it and found out that it supports G-sync. Now my question is will it support G-sync on my 970? I've read elsewhere that maxwell GPU's are not supported. is that true?
  3. Is it better than the Strix B450-F? that also seems to have similar specs except it's from the Strix lineup
  4. I was opting for the Pro Carbon AC as it ticks all the boxes for me in terms of performance and features, but it's out of stock where I'm at. I looked up the Aorus B450 Pro Wifi, as it sort of has every feature of a high-end motherboard but the VRM according to the spreadsheet is quite bad. So I guess the less featured Tomahawk Max would be a good buy at this point if I do want to upgrade to maybe a 3700X in the future.
  5. So I got a new 2700X from the Black Friday sale. Now am looking for a motherboard. I am currently opting to buy a good B450 motherboard as I will not be overclocking the CPU (will just let PBO and XFR2 work). I'll be using it for streaming and mostly for gaming. I was looking around the $100-$120 range. And also, are motherboard VRM's important? as I will not be overclocking my CPU.
  6. Yeah, I think I'll go with a decent B450 rather than a budget X470, MSI's gaming pro carbon seems to be ticking all the boxes for me at the moment.
  7. I went ahead and got the 2700X, I decided I'm not going to be overclocking much as I'm mostly going to be gaming on it, and furthermore, I don't think overclocking on a B450 motherboard would be such a good idea
  8. So, would it not be worth paying the $20 premium then? will temps be reasonable when gaming and streaming on the stock cooler?
  9. So I am confused, there's a deal to be had on either the Ryzen 7 2700x or the 2700, the X model going fir $160 on newegg and amazon and the 2700 going for $140. After looking at some benchmarks the performance between the X and Non-X model is pretty similar. But I do get a better cooler with the 2700X, I might overclock it to get the most out of the CPU regardless the model I get, in that case, will the wraith spire be good enough for overclocking? or should I just get the X model instead. I game and stream, and sometimes edit videos.
  10. Yes, that is another concern of mine, even if I do find something like a 4790 in the used market, I doubt it would bring me a substantial difference, so basically a CPU upgrade would also mean an upgrade in motherboard and RAM
  11. I've had my CPU for about 4 and a half years now, and recently while playing The Outer Wolrds, I noticed some micro-stuttering, fired up Afterburner and found out my CPU (i5 4590) was at 100% while my 970 was at 90%, now I know its not a huge bottleneck, but as the years progress, games get more demanding and having more cores does help. Now my question is, should I hold on for a while longer for next generation of Intel/Ryzen 4000, or should I upgrade now to something like a 3600 or 3700X?. I mainly game and do some light streaming. Also my GPU (GTX 970) is getting a bit old, but I think I can get by till the next generation of cards hit the market. My primary concern is my CPU at the moment.
  12. This may sound somewhat stupid, but I was looking to switch my card thinking it broke, well it's perfectly fine apparently. My wall power was unstable which did not deliver power properly to the GPU, yeah that happened. So I guess I'll call the deal off and keep my 970 for another year or so before completely upgrading my PC. Thanks again everyone for all the help and advice. Appreciate it.
  13. Problem is, where I'm at (Bangladesh) GPU prices are absurd, the Vega 56 costs around $600 and the 5700 is not available and the 5700XT is around $503 so my options are sort of limited to the 1080Ti or a 1660ti or RTX 2060, I really don't wanna buy something I'm gonna regret so am kinda confused.
  14. Well the thing is my GPU broke, down. I was using a gtx 970 and I don't intend to upgrade very frequently so was also thinking about the long run, I used my 970 for about 4 years, I exepect something similar or even better from a 1080Ti, but my worry still remains the bottleneck.
  15. So I found this deal for a pretty sick 1080Ti card (Aorus Xtreme 1080Ti) for around $450, what I'm concerned about is that my pc currently has an i5 4590, which may bottleneck a powerful GPU as the 1080Ti, but the thing is can I at least hit 60FPS at 1080p with this card or will that be an issue as well?