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  1. I have never tried proxmox. I’ll try to search about proxmox tonight. Does 1151 (1245v6 xeon) enough for this build? Coupled with 16gb of 2400 ecc ram.
  2. I am planning on intel 4108 silver with gigabyte dual socket for future expansion. probably around 3 VM (Win server 2003, Win XP, and Ubuntu) for the storage I chose 2 480gig of m.2 with mirror backup and 4 tb hdd with mirror backup also so in total 2x480 + 2x 4TB for now.
  3. Put my eyes on dual E5 2620V4. but the price is more expensive than threadripper and with less processing power compared to thread ripper.. so i am confused...
  4. So yeah. I am thinking about emulating the windows server on unraid or windows server 2016. something like that. i am thinking of using vmware for this windows server 2003 emulation..
  5. The problem is I am living in Indonesia and the access for such hardware is quite hard.. so i assume that it will be better to buy a premade server? i have found several pre-build server on xeon e3 1245v6 for a reasonable price. but comparing the processor with something like 3700x or TR2920x I am quite unsure for that processor performance..
  6. Oh yeah for the budget I am thinking around 1500-2000 usd?
  7. i will running a windows server 2003 on virtualization due to the software is only available in windows XP. Besides that I am going to run a webhost on the server and also as a storage backup for my work. so i guess i am gonna need a redundancy in storage.. i have read that by using the ssd as the cache it will improve the performance of the machine but i don't get it how that works. For PSU it would be nice to have redundancy, but if I do not get the redundancy i don't think it is a big problem for it.
  8. Should I go with 3700x or threadripper? Or is there any intel chip that can be used for this? And I am thinking about adding ecc ram due to the virtualization is so important for my work. Do you have any advices or opinion about the build? Should I use gaming card or quadro for this build? I have never built a server. I’ve done several pc. But this server is another level... thank you for your help!
  9. I am thinking to use the ecc ram for this build. Due to the important data that is stored in the machine and also several computers will use this server as a NAS and the server will host a website in the future
  10. I am wanting to switch up my Windows 2003 Server with something newer. However as I read in several forums, those win 2003 server cannot run on newer hardware, therefore I am thinking about running the 2016 server then running a vm for win 2003 server. win 2003 server is needed because we have a very old program for our factory that can only be run from win xp Do you have any opinion or advices for me to do this perfectly? Approximated budget is around 1000-1500 usd thank you in advance
  11. It still run the CAD pretty good on the RTX, maybe i should wait until the RTX cannot satisfy the needs of my CAD then i am going to move to Radeon or Quadro. Thank you guys
  12. Hello guys, I am an Engineering student. I am currently thinking whether i can use my RTX 2060 with RX 580 (currently not have) to work in one system. The system is used for 3D CAD (Solid Works) and for playing games, Machine Learning and other stuffs. So i am thinking whether it is possible to use the RX 580 for the solidworks and RTX 2060 for other stuffs beside solidworks? If it is possible, do you think it is needed? any other recommendation for my usage? Thank you for your reply! Looking forward for your reply!