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  1. Hello everyone, Its been a while since I have posted here but I do want some insight on this one. I am looking for a single monitor as I will be going away for college fairly soon and will not be able to bring my 3 monitors with me due to the small sized desks. I will not be doing much gaming if at all. This will mostly be used with CAD programs such as Solidworks as well as programs like Matlab. It will also be used for general productivity doing things like research and writing. The monitor will be plugged into a high end laptop (something like a high end Thinkpad workstation). I have not bought the laptop yet though. As for budget I am not going to specify anything. My threshold is under $1000 dollars but I would prefer something closer to $500. Suggest away though I am willing to invest a fair amount of cash into the monitor. Thanks in advance! - Sam
  2. Unlike most people here I am actually from the east coast and frequently fly. To start there is a big difference between a regional jet and a larger domestic jet. If you are going from a large destination to another large destination it will generally be a larger jet. Currently I know that both Delta and Jet Blue have WIFI available. Jet Blue charges less but neither are going to break the bank. With a larger jet you MAY get outlets but its not likely and if you are in Coach you may as well forget about the idea. Going through security make sure the laptop is easily accessible as it will have to be in its own seperate bin. If you do not put it in a seperate bin prepare for another 30-45 minutes of screening. Next thing is yes that laptop is too big for most jets. So in the end I would advise against it. Load up some movies on a tablet or phone. A 6 hour flight is relatively short. On the east coast security is tight. A checkpoint safe bag means lets investiagte this further. Do not say anything listen to everything they tell you and you should be fine.
  3. I figured I would mention to everyone that this is not dust. Some camera manufacturers have had issues reguating the oil they use in each camera. Those little spots are actually most likely oil. I had this issue once. Just brought it down to the local B&H and called it a day.
  4. You could try some plastic 'welding'. Not sure what plastic the headset is made of but odds are with a heatgun and some PLA you could make this work.
  5. Decent idea. I already have a decently well established youtube channel www.techclash.me so I dont think I have the time to directly contribute but Id Love to help out in small ways.
  6. I ran a pic of me and my friends and I am an 11 year old female lol. One of my friends who is 16 is 49 (I think her sunglasses screwed it up) and m friend who is younger is 24.
  7. Radioshack went under because of their overpriced products and the fact that they turned away from their beginnings. Best buy isnt going under anytime soon as they have basically a monopoly in the US and I believe a pretty large domination of Canada. So buy stuff like this on Monoprice and stop complaining about best buy. We all know its bad so stop expecting it to be good.
  8. I understand. I have nikon d7000 that I have personally inflicted a beating on. its not the highest quality camera in the world but what was important to me was its pro level body structure.
  9. I didnt realize this was fake until you mentioned your allowance. This is what happens when you decide sleep isnt important.
  10. 5/10 on the first one 4/10 on the second. The first is decent but the subject matter isnt focused enough. the second one is a nice picture but its boring and the second flower is half out of focus. Heres a photo of the George Washington bridge in NYC shot on a boat.
  11. 8/10 subject matter is a little weak but the composition is on point
  12. Looks bad to me tbh.... everything is just blurry for this to be a nice pic the dog would have to be a little more in focus 7/10 took this in st.john canada off my cruise ship.
  13. Its actually $15 but you have to buy a fx chip first. Its only $5 after the mail in rebate which took 3 months for me. I used this bundle when building a pc for my robotics team. I bundled it with a 6300 and only paid 5 bucks for the mobo which is a pretty good deal. Its a decent board but has the ugliest uefi I have ever seen.
  14. 8/10 it looks quite nice the subject matter is just boring IMHO
  15. 8/10 I like the subject and scenery. But, I dont like the grain. It just looks washed out to me.
  16. Save it untill you get something you really want. If you have to ask what to spend your money on dont spend the money
  17. double post... is something messed up on the forum
  18. well since you asked Im going to go a little harsher and say 6/10 but I wont do it without helping you make it a 10/10 first point is your headers, sata, usb ports, basically everything thing at the bottom. I would take a dremmel and make a slot right underneath the mobo to slide those all through. If you want to go really clean you should try to have the slot 1/2 underneath second point is to have your 8 pin going through the top left corner to the back. If theres not a hole dremmel one! third point is the 24 pin man thats messed up. Some say put it in the slot to the left but imo thats still to far so you guessed it dremmel out a place for that cable to go through. fourth point is get rid of that cable in the back thats shown through the cages. I cant tell what it is but It is a pet peeve of mine when people have cables showing through their cages so I would fix that. other than that its not too bad. if you dont have a dremmel invest in one they arent too expensive.
  19. I havent been on the forum in a while and just noticed this so sorry for bumping this. Its funny because whiskers is my good friend. before I do something like this I always ask one of my friends who are mods and none of them have issues with it. However as another poster said backseat moderating is not allowed
  20. Hello, as many of you guys know my channel was hacked. www.techclash.me and this is the first review I have done since. If you do not like to read you can watch the video linked at the bottom but I would like to provide a typed response also Review of ATH-Sport or Sonic Sport 3s Ok so you are probably wondering what sonic sport means. Sonics fast and I like sports but how does that apply to a pair of earbuds. These are audio technicas mid range solution to the sport ear bud craze. To start off you have ipx5 waterproof rating which means after that long difficult workout you can wash them off. To get it straight you can’t swim with these things but you can definately go out in the rain without being scared. To go to more of technical specs they have 10 mm drivers, a frequency response of 15-25,000 hertz. They have an impedance of 102 ohms and weigh only 9.5 grams. some of the more consumer comforts. to start it has a material on the top of the cable that is flexible but stays where you want it. They also have special ear tips that are ridged in such a way that they let some noise in that way if your running you can hear things like a siren. Those come in small medium and large but they also have the normal silicone bits in extra small, small medium and large, which I think is a nice touch. And to finish this segment up it has an awesome little case that is well made and protects them enough to where I would never be worried throwing them into my bag. Pictures Ok so the review Pros 1.Price - 45 pounds so about $70 2.Sound Quality (sound stage especially and deep bass) - Says it all 3.eartips - Nice size selections and comfy 4.comfort - I slept with them on if that says anything 5.stay on - I did a handstand and they didnt budge 6.weight - 9.2grams 7.case - really high quality soft and tiny 8.looks - they look sick Cons or should I say Con 1.cable thickness - it feels cheap and thin but is long enough So I really do recommend these to anyone needing mid range sports ear buds Link to buy http://www.audiotechnicashop.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=91_113&product_id=529 video Thanks for reading or watching - Sam
  21. My it teacher went on this rant so I bought really old components and built a modded pc he no longer rants about this.
  22. if you read the post I said the same thing happened in 8.1.
  23. Ok so I have had this issue for a while but it only seems to be getting worse. For note Im currently running windows 10 but had the same issues in windows 8.1 pro. I updated all my motherboard drivers but I still constantly get freezes and it wont resume untill waiting around 30 seconds.
  24. I have a one plus one and I have the same issues. I end up just putting my phone in my hoodie pocket when sitting or just putting my phone on my desk if my teacher is cool with it. But sitting down with it in my jeans pocket is impossible.