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  1. guys what is better amd athlon x4 845 or a8 7680? thanks in advance
  2. is the rx 550 good for a4 6300?
  3. what is the best graphics card? or i upgrade my cpu?
  4. yes, rx 550 4gb 128bit
  5. Guys what's better? do i buy a rx 550 and i combine it with a4 6300 or buy a8 7680 to replace a4 6300? I edit light videos, I play far cry 2 and cs go, so what's better? I'm on a small budget, i can't buy a8 7680 and rx 550 together.
  6. What is the best gpu for a4 6300 amd cpu?
  7. a slightly increase of performance?
  8. what compaible gpu for a4 6300?
  9. what compatible gpu for a4 6300?
  10. Hey guys i was wondering if an rx550 4gb 128 bit will bottleneck an a4-6300? Thanks for answering.
  11. Hey guys i was wondering if an rx 560 2gb willbottleneck an a4-6300? Thanks for answering.