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  1. I know that the liquid Freezer II AIO is probably the best in class cooling, but does it also have longevity like the Kraken series aios or does it have gum and gunk problems down the road like enermax?
  2. So about the same for ryzen. Yes, I don't really want to bother with all the fine tuning to find a stable clock. Just enable xmp and good enough. Thank you!
  3. Is latency really more important than speed? I have heard opposing arguments from both sides, and I am not sure where to lean.
  4. I know that the sweet spot for zen 2 is about 3600MHZ with CAS 18, but with so much hype about AMD over the last several months I have not kept up to date with intel.
  5. Although I am looking for stability mostly, I would still like a drop in, enable XPM, and go solution that is going to maximize fps without causing stability issues? Anyone know where the sweet spot is with speed and timings?
  6. Charles Babbage drew up the first designs way back in the mid 19th century; however, it was fully built during his life time.
  7. I love this script. Super easy to use and it cleared up at least 10% cpu usage from stuff that was running in the background. I wanted to share it if it hasn't already. https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater
  8. But people swap out stock GPU coolers for water blocks all the time.
  9. Well damn. Now I just don't have footing to argue on. Still I think they should at least have an option to buy without an IHS for those comfortable enough.
  10. We do that on bare GPU dies on our desktops all the time and no one bats an eye. Look at the heatsinks on the new RTX 3000 series, they are huge.
  11. GPU's have big heavy coolers and they don't crack often.
  12. But bare CPU dies are already common place in the laptop industry, and we don't hear much about cracked dies there?
  13. But can't that extra surface area just be the bottom of the cooler instead?
  14. Why do CPU manufacturers still use integrated heat spreaders? GPU manufacturers have moved beyond that for long time now which allows for the coolers to make direct contact with the die. Only one single thermal bridge exists for which thermal paste is used. Why can't CPU manufacturers start moving in that direction?
  15. Ha! I found a video explaining it all and I got to learn some new stuff today. I haven't checked out the other ones yet, but the black ice rad you linked is a cross flow rad. Meaning it does allow fluid to flow from one end to the other through all channels simultaneously. Thank you for all the help. I got the rads I wanted and learned some new stuff.