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  1. Ran a test with CS-GO and AMD wattman the other day. Think the GPU might be throttling some. Plan for today is to power down and clean. Is faster ram a thing with AMD A10 series? Found some info that it helps with APU performance not really CPU in the A10 Just downloaded the new AMD driver off to test that.
  2. Wurth is a large tool/parts supplier in Europe. They are world wide in fact. They undoubtedly they have a system.
  3. And the Isheep got outraged then bought the next IPhone.
  4. Got back in to gaming a couple weeks ago and been having some problems with my fps. Not the best system but things don't seem right. System Dell Inspiron 2656 AMD A10-8700p Redeon R9 360 8gb ddr3 1600 mHz 2TB spinning disk. Samsung SyncMaster 206sw monitor BF3 runs at a average of 40 fps no mater what I set graphics to low, medium, high or ultra. CS-Go is all over the place. Most of the time in game it is about 40-50 fps but it sometimes drops real bad to under 20 fps or will spike up over a hundred.
  5. Where some of the accusations not that Huawei was spying with the hardware not the software?
  6. You are not actually suggesting that people do something. All current society asks is that you get outraged and make people aware. Then you can go on with your day and feel good.
  7. Not to highjack. I remember back in the day using the sound card for the gaming sound then running music off of the onboard sound and a second set of speakers. This still a thing? Maybe why he is looking at a sound card.
  8. Not in a rush. Probably hold out for a 4gb model then. Can't remember who makes it or where I seen it for sale. But someone makes a proper CPU cooler for. Heat pipe fin stack and little fan. I might do that for home as I can probably build something out of parts on hand. But will be much bigger then the Pi already have to much stuff in and around the TV stand. Second would be nice to travel with it sometimes.
  9. Thinking of getting of getting a Raspberry Pi to stream TV and run as a emulator/ DOSBox. What one should I get 1, 2 or 4gb model?
  10. I will keep my headphone jack. Till I can get some wireless ear buds that I don't need to charge on 20 plus hour trips. Already a pain to keep phone/s, tablet, laptop and power bank charged don't need to add headphones.
  11. By locks in I assume you mean the type that have a little flat spring in the tube to hold the cleaning rod? Yours could be missing, bent or broken.
  12. That's because we as a society are acting like just as big of idiots. First you have the if we are nice maybe they will just go away group. "Maybe if we are nice to ISIS they will just go away." Then there are the self loathers. " OMG I never did like rap music I must be a racist" Then there are the ban something problem solved group. Right now there are probably thousands of idiots feeling all warm and fuzzy because there are no more Nazis now that 8chan has been banned.
  13. I think this can be summed up as. We believe in your right to say dumb shit, but we also believe we have a right to hold you accountable for your dumb shit. So the correct response to inciting a riot is not to ban them from Facebook, but to arrest them for inciting a riot. Same as there correct response to threating violence on campus if you don't get you way. Should be. Don't come crying to us when campus police pepper spray your dumb ass.
  14. Simply playing whack a mole with where they post the BS is not going to stop the misinformation ether. Couple of dozen antivaxxer's/magic healers up on charges for practicing medicine without a licence or getting there bum sued off all covered by the news would probably be a good start.
  15. That is the fear here. Some big company could pull a Hitler not with a goon squad beating up and killing people but with there power and money. This whole problem is a catch 22. Mega monopolistic companies that can shape or drive society in one direction are not a good idea. However the only thing you can counter that with is more government and suppressing rights. Also not good.
  16. I believe that was meant to be sarcastic. With people recommending that you get a VPN outside the 5 eyes. With the VPN outside the 5 eyes the US government might not be spying on you but that doesn't mean China, Russia, NK, Iran or your own VPN aren't spying on you.
  17. That message was saved as a file in windows. Friends and I used to edit them all the time in high school. Had great fun.
  18. And there in lies the problem who gets banned, removed or censored and how much. I remember people talking some months back about some right wing talk show on YouTube getting there whole channel deleted at the same time as one of the way way out there Anti-vaxxers merely had her channel demonetized. Doctors where pushing to have her removed as it was not just your run of the mill toothpaste causes Autism BS but things that could actually harm/kill people. The talk show had maybe somehow had a fan doxx someone I didn't really fallow it. When you try to censor you are bound to be seen as backing the opposite side. I am sure the far left thinks Facebook is just full of southern bible thumping gun toting rednecks and the right thinks its full of communist LGBT vegans. Hopefully any moderation will fall in the center but it can sometime be hard to see where center is. Sometimes one side can be very loud but it doesn't make there message true.
  19. I think the point that is trying to be made is that we have come to a point where it is not just socially acceptable but socially encouraged to hate whatever the mob tells us. 75 years later you can basically label anyone particularly anyone German a Nazi and nobody cares. Never been to 8chan and never heard of it. Heard of 4chan and heard it was a cesspool. Apparently it is puppies and kittens compared to 8chan so don't care. However if Cloudflare had terminated hosting for say all of the US democratic party because of there stance on illegal immigration. Do you think people would rush to there defence and say there a private company they can do as they wish or do you thing there would be riot police and teargas and pepper spray blowing in the air outside Cludflare HQ This might not be the best battle to fight but it is part of a larger war. A war where people are told it is ok to blindly hate because the mob tells them so.
  20. Can't think of the name. Was over there 3-5 years ago doing some work and seen the company then. Quick google turns up a number for "tool vending machines UK" Think one of the big US players call there system AutoCrib as in Automated tool crib so searches like that might help. Many offer a number of types of machines from standard vending machine like you would get a bag of chips from or simple touch screen unlocking the drawers of a Lista type cabinet. To systems that control big banks of lockers.
  21. There was a number of Police officers shot in attacks after the left pushed it's "All cops a racists that just drive around looking for African Americans to shoot" idea out there.
  22. The guy in Japan use a jerry can of gas and a match.
  23. Caught that to. Shipping could be the big thing. Doesn't make sense for LTT to have a merch warehouse in say Europe. But if it is not just LTT merch but if its LTT/Floatplane and a bunch of YouTube/ Floatplane friends. That may work.