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  1. HardwareCanuks has video that detail quite a lot of gaming headset, you should check them out. Although, realistically speaking, since you will be using this headset for exercise as well as gaming, I think the only option that could potentially fit all of your need would be Corsair Virtuoso. Removable mic and wireless is a must for outdoor usage and sport. That, or you can simply buy Sony 1000XM3 or Bose QC series and strap a gaming mic to it. Gaming headset is just a headphone with mic after all and from the description you gave, it seem that you will enjoy noise cancelling feature and sound quality better than mic performance in game. Also Linus just review a planar wireless headphone, that look sick as well
  2. Most definitely, I am pretty sure that the mod won't be as good as a real wireless can but it shouldn't be this bad either. So far I have not found any other people complain about it.
  3. I recently bought a clone of the Airmod adaptor for my Bose QC15 (MYRIANN) and have been having a lot of issues. So I am thinking about ditching it for a real Airmod or Bolle & Raven or BTunes model. *for people who don't know, it's a Bluetooth adaptor that you can plug into the headphone 3.5 mm port and turn the otherwise wired can wireless. However, I am still worrying if I will run into the same issue even with Airmod or Bolle & Raven or BTunes adaptor so I want to ask some of you who have been using this gadget about your experiences and whether I should consider switching or not. The problem I found with the MYRIANN model is the very poor audio and connection quality, especially in outdoor and electronically noisy environment. I have to literally hold a phone next to my headphone outdoor to get a stable connection (especially on the street or in the city centre with a lot of wifi and Bluetooth interference from other people gadget). When I use the headphone with this adaptor in my office (also lot of wifi and potential Bluetooth interference from my colleague wireless gadget) I get a stable connection but extremely poor audio quality. The sound I got often distorted even at the lower volume, sound in general also very dry and remind me of that cheap free headphone you can get when boarding an airplane. Most of these issue though, are completely gone when I use this mod with my desktop at home without a lot of electronic interference around which make me quite convinced that the mod simply doesn't emit a strong enough signal for a true on-the-go usage. MYRIANN advertised that their model's using Bluetooth 4.1 technology - which is a low power version of Bluetooth 4.0 so I strongly suspect that this is the main cause of the issues I've been having (especially when their advertised battery life is also significantly higher than usual.) I am not too sure if Airmod or Bolle & Raven use Bluetooth 4.1 or not but I know for a fact that BTunes use Bluetooth 5.0 tech so want to hear your experience about this gadget whether you get the same issues or not.
  4. yeah, most PC part in Asia is terribly overpriced
  5. that's some very sleek looking but like I said, it's sold at nearly 300 buck here, I'll rather spend that money on the actual component inside rather than the case itself.
  6. Seem only R5 is available to my area, even so it's way too expensive for me (nearly 500 buck at full price)
  7. Thanks mate, I'll keep those in mind the Phanteks one look sick but I don't think it is available to my location. What do you think of COOLER MASTER MASTERBOX E501L? Fit almost everything except USB-C and one of the cheapest I can get as well.
  8. No I mean the side panel, my current case has a mesh side panel which look awsome but also constantly blew a hot air to my legs. Having a fully sealed side panel should have easily fixed that but they are all glass now a day and I am not exactly a fan of that.
  9. Hi Guy I am looking for a new case to upgrade for a full ATX tower. Problem is, I am not a big fan of RGB and even less so for a see-through system. So I was looking for a case that does not come with a tempered glass panel or mesh or anything that might exponsed the internal of my system, preferably something with USB-C/Thunderbolt at front and a slot for Bluray reader. So far I have not found anything that suite my preference. The closest I came across was the Lian Li V320 but it is way over my budget and don't have a slot for Bluray reader (also micro-ATX, there supposed to be V720 for a full ATX case but I never see that offer anywhere.) Do you have anything that I could look into? Actually a case that have the option to replace the glass panel with a simple aluminum sheet would suffice but I don't see a lot of those so far. *the reason I don't want mesh is because when I do some serious computing, the system would blow a hot air on my legs with a mesh configuration
  10. Generally, 1440p is recommended for most people because you can get closer to the extra sharpness of the 4k (which in turn, allow you to get a bigger monitor) but still easy to drive for a "high frame rate experience" Personally, 60 fps is more than enough but for a 24 inch display, 1080p is more than enough. It's just that if all you want is to drive a 1080p 144hz panel, there are many far cheaper options that you can take instead of a 2080ti (and possibly for 5+ years and more as well.) Generally speaking, a monitor can't bottleneck your display, it's CPU that does that. Although one advantage of getting a high end card for a 1080p resolution is that, you will probably be able to game on the highest setting and still get a 144 fps for a long time, very long time. It's also a nice option if you want to upgrade to a higher resolution in the future (8k gaming anyone?)
  11. I just watch this video from TechAltar, and at the end of it he mentioned that he and a bunch of tech youtuber had joined together a form the Nebula which they claim is their own version of private online streaming platform. Does anyone ever heard of this? it sound a lot like what Linus and co (or more like Luke) had been doing with Floatplane and I am kind of wondering how is that plaform compare to LTT own Floatplane (and are they looking to compete with one another? seem like the project had the exact same goal in mind)
  12. I did watch that video, it was what inspired me to ask this question to begin with. But yeah, that's the problem, there is no ghosting because they didn't turn the local dimming on in the scene that may suffer from ghosting effect (i.e. when you drag your mouse around in dark background) Take a look at this video around 0:30, the Asus one that Linus had replaced it is basically the MLED used in these newer monitor, it show a pronounced ghosting trail effect that he elaborated more in his video I could understand that MLED is a viable alternative to OLED if they offer a more stable performance in displaying a static image but like I said in the opening of this post. Because of my line of work, I actually got to read a lot of warranty document, product manual, and specification for this kind of product and it does specifically mentioned that individual LED failure could be a problem under normal use case. Unless that rate of failure is significantly better than OLED, I kind of don't see the reason why anyone would just want to go to the MLED route as opposed to just get the OLED. Both are extremely expensive at the moment anyway and OLED has the potential to get a lot cheaper with newer mass produce method
  13. it is, and I also put all of them in the tag, thank for the help in clarification. I guess, I probably word the title a little incorrectly too what I really want to discuss is that is the long term stability issue of Micro-LED vs OLED. Burn in is the first thing that come to mind that's why I put it in the title. But essentially what I would like to discuss is that if the MLED is going to have the problem in long term anyway, even if that isn't exactly a burn-in issue, why bother going for one anyway when OLED actually offer better performance otherwise (when it comes to ghost with full array local dimming on)
  14. I actually never found a case of LCD failure before, especially one that utilised a simple monolithic backlight in the back. They are very reliable. From my understanding the reason why OLED becomes problematic is because their LED are the size of a pixel and thus much more likely to fail
  15. Read on CNET that Micro/Mini-LED are going to replace OLED because they offer similar advantage without the same burn-in problem, what do you guy think about this? I personally feel rather skeptical about the claim, lightbulb is lightbulb and lightbulb can fail. While that may not led to the same image retention problem like in OLED, that's definitely going to be an issue for long term use. I also actually have a chance to read some of the warranty and maintenance material for some HDR display which use the same technology, they specifically mentioned how to handle this case of individual backlight failure which mean they at least expect that to be a problem at least in the worst case scenario use case.