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  1. I'm able to buy from any site, so long it ships to belgium. Yes, most Netherlands sites ships to belgium. Went to local store asking what the best laptop was, but I just hate azerty keyboards (BE standard) and too expensive for what you have...
  2. Sure, I don't know if there is an english option on them. Bol.com / alternate.be / coolblue.be / mediamarkt.be Those are the places where I look for electronic devices or pc parts.
  3. I really don't care about weight and battery life. I need to charge my galaxy s9 2 times a day, so that doesn't bother me so much. I'm from Belgium, EU. Not everything on US sites ships to belgium
  4. I already build a desktop, just need a laptop for indeed, school and gaming on the side. I don't wanna upgrade my pc for a while so I'm putting all my money in a good laptop. Not just word, it's adobe, microsoft visualsa and more ... I don't exactly all the programs I need for next year.
  5. I'm going to high school next year and I need a new laptop (current one is a macbook air 2013-model ... ). So I set a budget and some requirements that I need in the laptop. So my max. amout is 1500€ (incl. shipping). Here is a list I already created "the list" (there is a second page). Also, there has to be bluetooth, wifi and ethernet available. I know, it's a lot for now that much money. The laptop that I got my eye on it the Lenovo Legion Y540. Do you think this is enough or if you have a better laptop in mind that I need to check out, please let me know. Thx
  6. I don't think there is a seam around it. I don't see any clips on the back, only one screw and if I unscrew it it does nothing ... I asked iiyama but no succes.
  7. A week ago a small bug was crawling inside my monitor (since I couldn't swipe it away) and a few days ago it just died and now it's stuck there in the middle of my screen. I already tried shaking it and tapping it but no succes. I also tried to look up if someone already taken appart a g-master g2530hsu-b1, but couldn't find any videos from the g-master g2530hsu-b1. Does someone here know how I can take this monitor appart? I know it's a risk but that bug is so distracting.