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  1. Manage to boot the 3200 CL14 trident z at 4133 CL17, 1.43V dram. AIDA64 Benchmark run. If i were to determine whether this is the sweetspot, should i simply run the ram stress test in AIDA64. Or i have to run the FPU test too. In terms of a stabilized overclock system, are OCed ram and OC cpu build the stability independently, (like i can test a OC ram with stock CPU first, before i start to OC the CPU), or it is the covalance.
  2. Endeavor the best effor to fit all the screw, without compromising the torque balance. The weight of your cooler sits on your board; the tensile could be brutal if you are planning a twin tower air cooler. Insert/remove graphic card, IO cables, etc could have mislocate the board, if it is not at least triangularly secured. Part of the weight of your graphic card sits on your board too.
  3. I manage to OC my 9700K to all core 5.1Ghz at 1.36V, and it runs well on the AIDA64 stress test ( 65 avg CPU temp, 0 throttling) after 40 mins. But when i start the Prime 95 small LTT test, ( i believe the works loaded are Mersenne prime calculation?), despite the temp did not rampage to over 75, nor did i get a BSOD, 4 out of the 8 workers will always stop working, due to a fatal error that they did not round a value right. If i wish to emulate the heavy productivities/gaming load scenario, is this a sign of instability? should i increase the voltage even further?
  4. PowerBaller

    Best Ryzen CPU/MOBO/RAM combo

    Trident Z 3200 CL14 ( Ryzen Optimzed) + 3900X + Crosshair 8 Hero. Premium choice for both gaming and productivity
  5. PowerBaller

    LTT Forums CPU Overclocking Database!

    Mobo: Maximus 11 Hero (Wifi) AIO: coolermaster ML360R PSU: EVGA G3 850W Misc chip quality parameter: Sil quanlity: 67% according to AI suite XMP Setting: Mulitpiler: All core 50 BLK freq: 100Mhz AVX offset: 0 Core Voltage: 1.32V VCCIO: 1.215V System Agent: 1.215V Ram: 4000Mhz at 17-17-37, ram voltage 1.38 V AIDA64 FPU stress test: 38 min elasped, no clock throttling, peak avg cpu temp at 69
  6. PowerBaller

    Wait for 3900x or get 9900k?

    3900x is all around superior , while 9900K has better single core performance and playroom for OC. If productivity is main concern, 3900x it is. Pure gaming? 9900K or even 9700K is enough( saves from budge for other better spec). Though MOBO for X570 Chipset at same levels are significantly more expensive.
  7. PowerBaller

    Netflix with VPN vs without

    Some top VPN provider has dedicate Netflix Server. (like Exxxpressss) In my cases, i take advantage of their unbeatable customer services response: ask them which servers is currently not on netflix blacklist, and it only take them seconds to answer you. They change the public IP of their netflix dedlicate servers quite often.
  8. Well i test it for 38 mins, which has well emualted way heavier the highest possible workload that demands single core performance i could ever use at home.
  9. I did and it pass the 5 min test. Going for Prime 95 smallFFT and challenge all the caches now. Still this setting is saved as the Sports Mode for my rig.
  10. Well i guess your suggestion solves. I reset to a convervatively stable setting first, OC the RAM to a degree to the ceiling of my expectation with tested stability, then start to tune the CPU. Now it survives a 5 min FPU at 1.35V 5.1Ghz, with peak avg tem lower than 70. Guess my chipest isn't that bad after all
  11. The lowest voltage i can stablize mine at 5.0 Ghz is 1.32V ( No BSOD after 5 min FPU stress); attempted 1.31 and it is not able to boot. I think this may be one of the "eigen cases" .
  12. Ram clock to 4000Mhz 17-37-37 at 1.38 Volte, CPU 4.8Ghz at 1.28 Volt. 10 Min of FPU stress test, no BSOD, no Clock speed throttle, temp peak at 62 on averge, highest temp on a core peak at 71. Guess i am saving this as the baseline.
  13. To the extent of your experience, when OC the CPU and it fails the stress test. Should i add offset value first? or straightly increase the voltage.
  14. My rams are b die Trident Z. Stable at 3600 15-15-35 1.35 Volt, thats why i put 1.43 for 4000 17-17-37. But thats a point tho I am doing another test with CPU OC only.
  15. The CPU i brought from amazon.ca seem to has the subpar chip quality for OC. ( silicon quality at only 67% according to AI suite 3) Tried 1.30 Volt and 1.32 Volt at all core 5.0 Ghz, 0 muliplier AVX offset. Both runs fails at around 4 mins during the FPU stress test in AIDA64 Extreme, while the ram is clocked at 4000Mhz 17-17-37 at 1.42 Volt. The failure is the Windows 10 blue screen, prior to which the CPU temerature peaks at 65 Celcius, and the clock did not drop. Despite the failure, i tried to game (battle field 5) with this setting, and it did not fail, at least during a 40 min gameplay. Anyone can advise how much Core voltage i should start with if i want it to survive the FPU test? And should i add 1~2 AVX multiplier offset? Buying a good chip from silicon lottery is not my option as a beginner in OC.