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  1. Files can be backed up to another drive. Apps need to be reinstalled upon reinstallation of Windows.
  2. Yes, the search bar
  3. So you are telling me that every single PSU manufacturer has been breaking electrical safety laws for at least the past 15 odd years? Just leave the card in it's default state. Cause OCing with only 650w even if it's Corsair is kinda dumb in the first place.
  4. Not sure I'm understanding the what problem is. You're going from card with 2x8pin to a card with 2x8pin. Why would you need two cables?
  5. Since you have a physical TPModule. You can do basically whatever you want. Just don't reset the BIOS or anything like that, it's a real pain the arse otherwise.
  6. If you have a physical TPM module installed then nothing else matters. All cryptographic info is tied to the module itself. If it's firmware/software TPM, ensure you have the BitLocker recovery key or turn it off before changing anything.
  7. Vanilla Skyrim SE is doable. Modded is another story. I gave up trying to get SKSE64 working. Never tried Persona 4. Personally haven't had any issues with NVidia drivers.
  8. Not sure what you mean. Most modern CPU have integrated graphics (IGPU). Wouldn't make any sense for a DGPU to have integrated graphics, as that's what a GPU is. You can use IGPU and a DGPU in the same system to drive extra monitors.
  9. Seriously dude? Necroing a almost 3 year old thread. And an answer had already been picked by OP.
  10. You mean 7:57? The guy legit tells you exactly what it is and shows where it goes.
  11. Intel expressly limited Windows installs to 32bit for a reason. There is no way to install 64bit Windows without almost certain bricking.
  12. 11111 1111x is a USB connector.
  13. Apart from the BIOS fastboot feature. ^ Windows has a fast startup feature, it's enabled by default these days though. You can ensure it's enabled by going to the system settings section of the power options in the control panel.
  14. Please don't necro such an old thread. The question has already been answered.
  15. Running AMD and NVidia drivers at the same time isn't really an issue anymore. Windows' stupid DM accounts for the majority of issues. It's possible to specify which processor will do physX work. iirc it can even be specified on a per app basis. Some games will have problems with physX and rendering being done on different cards. Only solution is to run the game and physX on the same card.
  16. Please don't necro such an old thread. You can find the timmings by looking up the exact model.
  17. Task manager has a bug where it's incorrectly counting the system idle process. The system idle process is meant to keep the CPU at a high frequency in order to ensure maximum performance. The CPU is not actually doing any work.
  18. Ensure the HDD you're installing to is first in the boot order.
  19. I'm not aware of any 3440x1440 IPS monitors with HRD10+.
  20. No. It's impractical and a possible security risk to register such details.
  21. 2 (3, or 4) GPU's can work in a single PC and each can output to multiple monitors. Using your diagram. GPU 1 can't control or contribute anything on monitor 3/4. A game (or any application) running and displayed on monitor 1 will only use the resources of GPU 1. So using your example of GTAV. One instance can run on monitor 1/2 and a second can run on monitor 3/4 without affecting the first. The CPU may be a bottleneck here as its workload is doubled. Applications can be freely moved between all monitors at any time. Note that GPU/VRAM heavy apps might have issues. All 4 monitors will be discrete, meaning full screen apps will only fill a single screen. Both AMD and NVidia have methods of combining multiple monitors from a single GPU into a single large virtual display. Allowing a full screen app to fill multiple monitors without any special support. Crossfire/SLI can be used in conjunction to combine the power of multiple GPUs. Performance does not scale linearly using Crossfire/SLI. 2 GPUs will result in a -20% to 70% perf increase. Note that Crossfire/SLI can only be used in programs that support it.
  22. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-10600K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-3600/4072vs4040
  23. You've got at least one rogue process or a conflict.