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    Anything that sparks curiosity in me or out of the box. Tech, science, socio-economics, Corgis!
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    Moved around on 3 continents for a while before finally settling, so just enjoying some peace and quiet for now.


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    Vulnerable to Meltdown
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    Has LEDs that I can't see
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    Too much
  • GPU
    Mostly satisfactory so far in our relationship
  • Case
    Shiny, black, very heavy and tall, with a Firefox sticker
  • Storage
    Has too many old HDDs
  • PSU
    Hasn't blown up yet like it's predecessor
  • Display(s)
    Mismiatched from Craigslist
  • Cooling
    As many Noctuas as there are fan headers
  • Keyboard
    Keys are fading
  • Mouse
    Needs cleaning
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    The one that everyone uses and trashes

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  1. Well, like any relationship, you need to invest time and effort, build rapport and establish trust with people. Unless you give people a reason to trust you, (or a monetary incentive, like Google Opinion Rewards,) why would they want to waste time to look at information that you shared? There are already more than enough distractions in this world. Without credentials or an established rapport, to most people, you're just another nutter (or possibly bot) on the internet that is more likely than not spreading misinformation (or possibly spreading PUPs). Start by observing how other people get good feedback. What kind of questions or ideas are successful at getting feedback? How are they being framed/asked? Which forums for which topics? And always make sure you understand and follow the rules of that site/forum/subreddit. Try giving well thought-out and relevant feedback to other people's ideas and problems first. If you show an interest and demonstrate to the community there that you are capable of listening and processing what other people are saying by giving good feedback, then people will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say in turn and provide quality feedback for you. Think of it this way, if you just randomly go up to someone (in real life) and start sprouting out information and asking for their opinion without establishing any rapport, how much feedback other than yells of "Stranger Danger" will you get? You're still asking for people's time, expertise and effort. Try asking a lawyer for her or his opinion, they charge by the minute! This forum has a lot of amazing people that are more than happy to share their experiences and help out fellow misfits mavericks. If you stick around for a while, I'm sure people will be interested to hear your ideas. Just make sure you are receptive to other people's feedback, positive and negative, in return. Since if you demonstrate to the community that you aren't receptive to other people's ideas, then people won't bother giving feedback, because they'll think it's just a waste of time, and that'll be counter-productive to what you want to achieve. I hope you find what you're looking for, and welcome to the LTT forums.
  2. Today I learned that papayas have 3 different sex chromosomes and a papaya tree can be one of 3 different sexes - male, female or hermaphrodite depending on the chromosomes inherited. And that under certain circumstances (or "stress" in biological context), a male papaya tree can be induced to bear fruit like a female/hermaphrodite tree.
  3. Other than a laptop, the most "portable" experience on windows would probably be the 10" tablets, and they do not make a compelling gaming experience. A 12" windows tablet might be the smallest reasonable windows gaming experience. The Steam Link App may be of interest to you, check out how it works on YouTube. It's not exactly a true portable experience, but it may give you some ideas. You could use a NUC or a mini-PC if you're mostly looking at moving between a TV and a screen. Not exactly "portable gaming," but you won't have space issues.
  4. Yeah, realized I had the wrong picture as soon as I hit post, but was struggling to find out how to delete the post. So instead swapped the picture as quickly as I can. . Thought I got it in time lol.
  5. Given the security implications, I'd make sure to always connect through a router, at the very least, for devices that has sensitive information. Depending on your router, you should be able to set up port forwarding to help with some of the issues. Xbox, Rocket League and Twitch all have guides on which ports to forward on your router for their specific applications, as does most games and applications. If the XBOX doesn't contain sensitive information, then you might possibly place it in the DMZ of your own router, bypassing it and resolve the double-NAT, then you won't have to bother with port forwarding for it and games on it, this is also the least secure option too though . There's a lot of details involved, like setting up static IPs, that I left out (mostly because I've never done most of it myself ,) but I'm sure the more experienced folks on the forums can give you pointers if you run in to trouble setting it up. But there should be technical solutions available for the issues you are facing, some more secure than others.
  6. For Single Player full-priced games or only the single player parts of a full-priced multiplayer? Sure, it's the end-user's own experience if and how they want to control it. Call it modding/cheating, whatever you want, you've paid for the game, if you want a different experience, by all means. For multiplayer... it'll be, possibly for full-priced games, but only under certain circumstances. Circumstances such as if the majority of end-user have been mislead, or are being unfairly exploited. Now, granted, that can be a bit subjective. But I strongly believe in that and things such as exploitative paywalls, (overly) manipulative designs, promised but undelivered features and the likes, make them not fun. And if it takes a bit of hack/cheat to make it fun for the majority of end-users, well then, let's have fun! Freemium/subscription based games, unless they are doing something egregiously manipulative (like those dating apps which have fake profiles run by the company to keep people hooked and paying), then I'd probably not bother. I think what I would (hypothetically) do, will be guided by morals too.
  7. I wonder does that mean all USB4 will be automatically Thunderbolt 3 compatible? Or that Manufacturers will still need to pay Intel for the certification/logo?
  8. What about the devices "Audio inputs and outputs" under Device Manager? And, BTW, what HDMI monitor/tv/receiver are you plugging it in to? It might be easier if you just screenshot your device manager lol
  9. Hi csweet, In your Device Manager, what devices do you have under "Sound, video and game controllers?"
  10. Joluch

    Forum Queer Eye

    North of the border, here, but I think you guys have this as well. If you're not looking to go clothes shopping frequently, get a few quality (≠expensive) basics that'll last long and go well with future additions. Amazon Essentials (search for "men's Amazon Essentials") has a very neutral collection that has decent quality, and can go well with many different styles. They have been fairly consistent in their selection, pricing and sizing, so the advantage is if you find something that works well for you, it'll probably be easy to find something similar again down the road. If you don't have a baseline yet, you could get your dimensions measured (Art of Manliness measurement's guide) and pop them somewhere convenient, I have mine in OneNote. It's a bit tougher to do accurately by yourself, I asked my laundromat's proprietor to help me with it when I was there since they do alterations as well. It's definitely useful to have when comparing to sizes online.
  11. the /J argument used in the linked post would have created a "Junction" that only works for local drives . Partly why the post wasn't provided as a direct answer as is. The /D argument mentioned specifically above creates directory "symbolic links" that will work for network locations, as per your needs , with a sample NAS path in the given example.
  12. So a friend of mine sent me the YouTube for deleted scenes from Avengers: Endgame. But I wasn't able to watch it for more than 10 seconds. Since as soon as I started the clip, I noticed an Alpaca in front of Tony Stark's Cabin, and it just kind of struck me. WHY IS THERE AN ALPACA IN FRONT OF IRON MAN'S CABIN!? It's so random, I think my brain is melting trying to make sense of it.
  13. In a sense, I think I dream of "having a dream," to find that "something" And now I've got Les Mis stuck in my head.
  14. That just brought up memories of how UAC used to jump out at anything back in Vista. Seems like they had the right idea all along. That is both wickedly cool and deeply unsettling.