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  1. Im sorry I meant one on the back, four on the top and one in the front. Boy, thats gonna be "cool"
  2. Hey LTT Community, I have come to the decision to buy two new fans for my Thermaltake V21 Case, a 140mm and a 200mm both from BitFenix Spectre Pro RGB series. The only problem is, what’s the best airflow for the case. The only advice I ask is (1. What is the best position for the fans, in or out? (2. Where should I put the fans? (primarily the 140mm because I know where to put the 200mm) If there is any other advice, it is much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. 144 fps is how many frames I PLAY Fortnite. 60 fps is how many frames I STREAM fortnite
  4. Hey LTT Community, I am wanting to upgrade my PC soon with the $300 I have been given. The only problem is, I don’t know what parts are best for me to upgrade. I am primarily using my computer for gaming and streaming at the time. I am streaming Fortnite with 144 FPS on a 1600x900 resolution and 60 FPS. I have a 60hz Dell monitor with 1ms response time. I am pretty satisfied with my peripherals overall though. The main parts I want to look into upgrading my computer parts. The entire list is below: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AMD Wraith Cooler ASRock B350M PRO4 MATX G.Skill FlareX 16GB 2400MHZ Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD ADATA SU800 128GB SSD EVGA SC 1060 3GB SeaSonic M12II 620W Thermaltake V21 MATX Case (kinda scratched and ok condition) If there is any part or peripheral any of you from the community could think of that I could possibly upgrade, the advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hey LTT Commumity, After a lot of decision making for my first PC Upgrade, I have finally came to a conclusion. If any of you don’t mind checking out the parts list in pcpartpicker.com, it would be very much appreciated. My intention for this upgrade is to get better stream quality graphics wise. That is why my core upgraded component is the 1660. I also wanted to downsize my PC size for more desk room. If any of you recommend going to MATX or even ATX, please tell me. If there is anything else about the PC you think I need to upgrade, please tell me too, I have been debating between the 1660vs1660ti. Thanks! (any part that’s already purchased is an old part, any part with price value is what I’m upgrading) https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Twitch.FryhdRice/saved/#view=Wxmp8d
  6. Hey LTT Community, I am conducting a PC upgrade and would like to know if the Ryzen 1600 is still good for my needs? I have a 1060 3GB GPU and 16GB of RAM. Is there any good upgrades I can make for a better stream quality and game quality? (IDC about wifi)
  7. My Current PC: 1600 Asrock B350M Pro4 matx 16gb 2x8 EVGA 1060 3gb
  8. Hey LTT Community, I am planning an upgrade on a my 1st Ryzen Computer. I have an upgrade budget of $450-$500. Like many computer builds, it starts with the CPU which my whole build is going to be “built” around (lol). I need a recommendation on a good Ryzen 2nd or 3rd Gen CPU that is similar to my old Ryzen 1600. Preferably better than my 1600 and under $160 would be recommended. Thanks!
  9. I'm on a limited budget for a PC upgrade and I've been debating on whether I should upgrade my CPU or not. So, I was wondering, is 1st Gen Ryzen still good? Specifically is the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 still good? If so, what is the best way to optimize my current PC with a 1600. If not, what is the best CPU to upgrade to? Thanks!