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  1. I could cook some eggs over my PSU yet it's not on fire... yet.
  2. Hydro flask now that's a strange name for a water bottle. Lulu lemons... classy? Those pants are ridiculous
  3. spikes are normal with any wireless connection, in this case between your phone and the network antennas, so no, a dongle would most likely not solve that problem sorry for bad english
  4. Cool now I can finally get that iFone 13
  5. Getting some tickets to China rn because I'm so sick of seeing this guy everywhere.
  6. The XD by itself is enough to fulfill my daily dose of cringe
  7. 1 old 12V 500mA+ router PSU 1 white (4000-5000K) LED strip arranged in a square with an X in the middle Thin wood and glue, create a flat 18x18x7 cm wooden box where the LEDs will go, wire everything, make a hole for hanging Cover with an A4 sheet (for the diffuse effect) and then card stock or another A4 sheet on top if the light is too dim, at least 3cm between both (optional) paint the wood so it looks better Total: less than $200 for sure and like 5 minutes if you're fast enough to put everything together. It sure needs more details but that should be the basics, there's also a way to connect your "boxes" together, I'm thinking of something simple as two sets of male and female connector per side, the box with the PSU acts as master and the rest are daisy chained as slaves but it might need a bigger power supply, 2 or 3A depending on the LEDs and amount of boxes. same working principle anything is possible given enough time and not enough money
  8. Hm, e-prostitution and porn aren't in my mind as ways to earn money. I still have some decency.