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    NoahEriksson3 got a reaction from Oswin in GPU Upgrade   
    Okay, I will think about cause I don't have the money right now. If I find the new GPU's really interesting and worth it I will wait but if not then I will buy the RX 5700 XT. Thanks for the advice.
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    NoahEriksson3 got a reaction from Stormseeker9 in R5 3600 or R7 2700x   
    Then I will definitely get that PSU and the 2700x, thanks for the help, much appreciated.
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    NoahEriksson3 reacted to Slottr in Advice on motherboard choice?   
    I'd get a gigabyte gaming x if you plan on going x570, otherwise I would wait out for the b450 tomahawk max or one of MSI's other max boards to release.
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    NoahEriksson3 reacted to star_pilot475 in Advice on motherboard choice?   
    I’d get a cheap X570 unless you want to wait a while. 
    maybe like this one.