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  1. The 4K video capture would be something i would like to try out, current phone has a pretty bad camera.
  2. well if you just touched that sata cable when you removed the HD then it might be the mobo, and the only way to test that would be another mobo and using the same components.
  3. Hmm that's strange, do you think you might have shorted something? were you grounded? did you have a anti static wrist or ankle strap?
  4. try removing the hard drive and see if it lets you get into the bios
  5. Honeslty it seems like the you corrupted the OS i would try reinstalling if you can. are you able to get into the bios menu?
  6. F http://www.twitch.tv/luke_lafr/v/10721467?t=5h11m47s never forget.
  7. 'MS plans to return to PC gaming' for the 8th time (3rd time this year alone)....
  8. I know remove the hard drive and hook it up to the pc that is working(not as a boot drive)
  9. http://www.winability.com/delete-protected-efi-disk-partition/ should be mostly the same since most of it is going to be through cmd. triple check to make sure this is the problem and the correct 'disk'/ drive
  10. Most likely not, that is usually a server side problem.Unless you are switching ISPs and your old one had bad routing.
  11. it might be the windows uefi partition. you will need to remove it first. if you want to install win 7. i had that problem when a friend bought a cyberpowerpc, they installed windows 8 to make sure nothing needed RMAing. if you have another pc with windows on it you can use diskpart or use a gparted live cd.
  12. they have had this for like a year already.
  13. Rank

    Valve at E3?

    source 2 makes dota 64 bit not sure if that will actually help you in any way
  14. reminds me of the keyboard projector where its all red