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  1. alright, ive been trying all day to switch my oneplus phone to the international firmware, however, whenever i try to use the msm tool, once i hit start, it says device not match image, anyone got some clues as to what this means?
  2. Surprisingly, summarized everything I was thinking, I hate using wired headphones, I've had horrible luck with them in the past, but then again, I have bad luck in general, wireless charging, meh, nice to have but don't really care for it, they did say they are working on a wireless charger that charges as fast as the warp charge, water resistance, again meh, never really had any issues with water, it got in the speakers of my 6t once and after a few hours, speakers were working just fine, also, the glass back is tougher than you think, I couldn't deliberately break it if I tried and I'm pretty good at breaking stuff like that also don't most phones have a curved screen?
  3. That's pretty much what I told her, spectrum doesn't really care, but she seems to thing she knows more than me in terms of internet, even though I've been doing research into this kind of stuff for a while, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,
  4. They sent us a modem, but my mother refuses to use it, thinking they will block the channels she uses to bootleg movies
  5. Ok, did a speed test here are the results Ethernet:65.3 down 11.6 up Wifi 2-10 down 10-12up This is from right next to the router and modem
  6. Alright, my mother recently switched to spectrum's 200 mpbs speed plan, however, when downloading anything, speeds seem to cap off at around 20mbps, and I have sudden service drops whenever I go into my room, I think that the modem and router may be bottlenecks, as they are both well in excess of 6-8 years old, and where from back when we lived in an apartment. I plan to pay to upgrade the equipment, but how can I convince my mother that it is a good idea to upgrade the wifi equipment? I sent her Linus's video explaining why one may want to upgrade, but she refused to watch it, wanting me to explain what benefits will come from an upgrade.
  7. I'm presently looking into buying a new flat screen TV, as the one I currently have is pretty awful, it's from the days when flat screen TV's were still new and were a luxury rather than something everyone had. My requirements:50inch and up, if possible would like to keep it under 1k but if it goes a bit over that's fine, 4k would be nice, I'm probably going to wall mount it so if anyone knows of a compatible wallmout for it that would be great. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  8. I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, but I think I'm right, lmk if there is somewhere else I was supposed to post this. Back on topic, does anyone know how to freshen up some Bluetooth headphones? I've been taking mine to work and I assume it's due to the sweat but they smell God awful, anyone got some ideas on how to remove the smell? I was taking some wireless earbuds but they have gone missing (thank you cat) I have Plantronics backbeat pro 2 btw any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. That's the problem, the clip decided it felt like breaking in two pieces
  10. In fact you can see half of the clip right next to the connecter
  11. Ok, here we go, a little while ago, I was taking the back off my nitro 5 to pop out the SSD to see if it would slot into my motherboard for a computer I was going to build at the time, however, I didn't pay attention to my hard drive and forgot to disconnect the cable and ended up yanking it out of it's connecter, the slot where it goes is probably still good, it's just the clip that holds the cable in broke in half, I found a cable I can buy to replace the old one, and I was wondering, is there a specific place where I can buy that clip again? Or can I just Jerry rig some tape to hold the cable in place? I would love to know what my options are as I'm trying to fix this laptop up so I can give it to a friend, any suggestions are very much appreciated. I'll leave a picture, the part in question is to the left of the 20
  12. Im from kentucky but its going to atlanta, in terms of weight, no real preference just comfortable to hold, since it would probably stay at home most of the time, battery life is not much of a concern 2-3 hours i suppose? idk about display size, probably 15 inch? semi intensive games, idk what my little sis actually plays, but as a base it should run something like subnautica at decent settings and frame rates, and by upgradeable i mean, ram, storage etc
  13. Looking into buying a laptop for my little sister, trying to keep it under the 900 dollar range, the ideal laptop would be able to play a few games, nothing major, and be able to be upgradeable.