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    Upgrade internal Laptop battery.

    Ok, would have been nice, but the original battery is good too. Thanks for the quick answer.
  2. Shadow01

    Upgrade internal Laptop battery.

    Does this start to happen over time ? Because right now it seems you can't even buy the original one (E495). I suppose that means other Batteries from Lenovo are also not compatible ?
  3. Just a theoretical question for now as I don't want to void my warranty, but in a few years when the time has come to replace the battery anyways, I may want to look into getting a bigger battery. Question is, is this even possible ? As long as I find the space in the case it should be possible right ? If so where can you buy internal batteries (Lenovo) ?
  4. Oh ok, I didn't know Ryzen only supported up to 2400 might consider that. I was thinking about swapping out the Ram stick it comes with and buying 2 new ones, however doesn't look like that's a good idea anymore.
  5. Why not 2666 ? Do you think 2400 is enough ? Would it work to just slip in another stick with 2400 in addition to the one already in there ? Yeah I'll think about the SSD thing, but considering a 1tb Sata SSD costs 100€ here in Germany rn, I think the M.2 might be worth it for 40€ more.
  6. https://geizhals.eu/?cat=WL-1279210 I am looking to get this configuration rn, I'd swap out the Ram and the SSD and sell the old stuff. Considering the TSeries is like 500€ more for the same device, I think I'll go with this. Even though I don't understand why the E595 doesn't have a fingerprint reader like the e590
  7. Can you recommend the E595 or E495 ? They both seem very good for the price. I got one Question though, why is the Ryzen 7 3700U more expensive than the Ryzen 5 3500U even though they have nearly the same performance ? Same Thing with Vega 8 vs Vega 10, why is the Vega 8 sometimes even better than the Vega 10 ? I heard, that Lenovo puts the 16GB as one Dimm on the Board, which means that the iGPU can not utalize Dual Channel, can I just order the laptop with 8GB and an extra 8GB DDR4 Dimm with the same frequenzy and put it in the 2. slot ? Also is the m.2 exchangeable ?
  8. No, it's not as important.to have a GPU. I personally own a black widow chroma and a razer naga 2019 and I have no problems with them, though It could be quite different for laptops.
  9. Yes I have decided against a graphics card. What is bad about Razer Laptops ? I have heard good things about them and use a Black widow Chroma and a Naga 2019 for my Home PC.
  10. I am really negatively biased when it comes to m cards, since I currently own the MSI GL72 6QF and I want to sell it. It has a 960m. The 960m is not good, but it takes a lot of battery life. The Laptop is also heavy and big. That's why I wanna swap.
  11. Holy Shit I didn't realise that the Razer Blade Stealth was this "cheap". I thought Razers Laptops started 2k and up. I am guessing, the upgrade for the 4k Screen is not worth it, but is the Upgrade for the MX150 ? Can the Intel IG or the MX150 handle league and some emulator stuff at 60fps ? The other 2 options also look good. Do you have experience with the Razer Blade Stealth, is the SSD upgradeable, or can a 2. ssd be installed ? The Razer Blade Stealth is a bit on the expensive side here, since I could get a Zenbook for under 1K€, but it might be worth it considering the Keyboard and chassis. Dell tells me the XPS 13 is not sold anymore ? Kinda confusing. I also found the Lenovo Thinkpad L580. I don't know if 15" is too much, seems ok but 2Kg might be a bit heavy. Can you suggest some Thinkpads that might fit ? I am kinda overwhelmed by the sheer amount of laptops those guys sell, + the sheer amount of config options afterwards. Another Interesting thing I saw was Thinkpads with LTE Slots, does this mean that you can just get a 2. Sim from your mobile ISP and put it into the laptop ? Would be kinda neat actually. I have never owned a Thinkpad before, though I have used a very old one before and found it to be very nice.
  12. I am looking to buy a new Laptop for school and travel. My main use cases are programming and School (OneNote, Word, Excel, Eclipse, VS, VSCode), though it would be nice, if some games would run on the Laptop, thinking of a 1060 or 1660 here. My Price range ist 1500€, wich is roughly 1700$, and lower. Cpu should be quite decent with good thermals. I don't care if it's intel or AMD tbh, it should just be a good deal. Ram is pref 16GB dual Channel, but 8 GB would be fine as well. GPU is a tough one. I want to be able to at least play league and maybe some emulators on the thing, but this should not have a huge impact on battery life and sound level. considering 1060 or 1660 here. One thing I was wondering is, if there is some kind of technology that only utalizes the card if needed, so it doesn't suck up power all the time. Or is this already common on laptops ? If not avoidable I can go without a GPU though. Keyboard Layout should have a German Option. It should also be good to type on. Battery life should be as high as possible. On normal things (One Note, VSCode, surfing the web, putty), it should have at least 8-10 hours of battery life. But higher is always better. Under load, it can be less ofc. Hotswop able would also be a plus. Can have a prebuilt SSD, but doesnt have to, if price is substantially increased by it. If buying the ssd yourself and exchanging it is cheaper, I can do that. But in the end I want an SSD 100%. Noise should be close to 0, at least when not under load, but preferably at all times, as this will be used in school and on the train. Screen is pretty easy, 1080p, 2 or 4k doesn't really matter. I'll take 4k, or 2k, but it's not necessary. Though the Screen should have at least a decent color saturation and should not be reflective too much. IPS is totally an option here as reaction time doesn't matter at all. So TN is pretty much out. The Laptop should be under 15" and below 2KG, as I am gonna carry it around a lot. Now OS is another thing I am quite unsure about. I would love to have Linux on this machine, though I am not sure if I can do that since OneNote is a programm I use a lot. Maybe dual Boot would be an Option, but the laptop should pref ship without an OS, or Linux. I don't want to pay extra for Windows as I can install it myself and get a cheap key if needed. I would like to go with a Think Pad from Lenovo, as I really enjoy the Keyboard and stuff, but this is only a preference. Now you can tell me, that what I am looking for doesn't exist, or if there is something close to my preferences. If there is nothing that fits my needs, I will also be thankful for advice on where I will have to give in. What is not debatable is that it should be quiet and the ssd and size/weight.
  13. After restarting 3 times it works now lol.
  14. My Pc has the H97 Pro Gamer installed. Due to a lack of Fan Headers, I recently bought this Fan Controller: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B077YHLDSP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I plugged in the power and the fans as well as the pwm port to the cpu fan port, and in the Bios it works like a charm. But when I boot into Windows, it seems like it doesn't detect the Thing as a Fan, therefore sending either nothing or 100% as PWM, because the Fans are on full Speed the whole time. What could be done to combat this ? All Fans are 4 pin headers. Thanks in advance.