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  1. Okay cool! So I am still a little unsure about whether to spend extra or not. But I am leaning towards the 2018 model. Thank youfor you help GeneXis_X, 5x5, exetras
  2. Hi sorry for responding so late but the 2019 model has a 51Wh battery if I'm not mistaken, while the 2018 model has 57Wh
  3. About the battery life I don't understand how they are claiming a better battery life with a smaller battery. Maybe they have undervolted the cpu? Still now I'm thinking the 6th gen will be a better deal With the 1080p touchscreen panel 512gb SSD 16gb ram On the Lenovo usa website the price for this config comes out to be $1675. Much cheaper than the similarly specced 7th Gen model which comes I at $1860.
  4. Mostly image processing and data science. I know that image processing doesn't work without a GPU but otherwise everything will work with just a cpu. I currently have 2 machines a Lenovo b51-80 and another custom built pc (i7 7700 with 16gb ram and 1050 graphic card) this setup worked like a charm for me this past 2 years. Now I'm changing countries, and would like to get a new laptop, the 6th gen Lenovo x1 carbon. And I'm thinking instead of an external GPU I'll just build a new pc with a GTX graphics card for the same amount.
  5. So if I get the 2018 model for the better keyboard, It will be cheaper for me. I don't really care about the speaker improvement. The processor has barely improved. The 1080p multitouch screen is same as last year, right? And I think the battery life of the older model is better too.
  6. I am thinking of getting an x1 carbon 2019 version i7 8565u, 16 GB ram, 1080p screen with multi touch, and 512GB SSD. My main doubt about it the the battery life because they advertise 16 hours but the 6th gen (according to the LTT review) has only about 6-7 hours of screen time. I also want to know whether an external GPU is a bad idea or not for deep learning applications I would appreciate if anyone could give their opinions