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  1. +Don't worry, I have a very very similar issue, its not just you. I'm on my second u34777p1u now and it still is jittering like mad -makes me crazy-, first one used to pop AND jitter, for me its the right side of the screen that is the issue. I'm currently using an msi gt72 with a display port to mini display port cable, although I've tried display port to display port on reference and aftermarket GTX970s and the same issue arises. HDMI seems to work fine, but I didnt buy this monitor to use 30 fps hdmi. edit: now if it sleeps, it tends not to wake unless I cut power from the wall (replacement monitor) and turn the monitor off and on a few times.
  2. Alright, ive so far narrowed it down to the LG 34UM95C-P and the AOC U3477PQU and will check out your link.
  3. Hi, I'm currently using a GTX 970 as my main graphics card. I'm looking for an ultrawide monitor to go with it, preferably a 34' 3440x1440 display. It will be used primarily for productivity and casual gaming (perhaps some DOTA2/SC2 but only on a casual level). Looking at the current market, there is the LG 34UM95, the acer predator xr341, dell ultrasharp u3415w and samsung s34e790c. Some of these are curved and although i don't mind curved, if i can save upto 50$ by omitting the curvy-ness, im more than willing to do so. Obviously, being a casual gamer, splitting edge response times and 144 Hz is not a requirement, I'm just looking for a reasonably spec'd ultrawide with decent colours and a nice resolution/pixel density. Would anyone like to give suggestions? value /bang for your buck would be appreciated.
  4. I prefer the look of the Extreme over the Omega. The power efficiency for the 900 series really makes it a clear choice over other cards.
  5. Could I extend the question? Would the 970m 3gb be enough for at least high settings at 1080p for the next few years or would a 870m (with more vram) or 880m be better?
  6. I've changed the power plan to be balanced all the time instead of high performance and i havent experienced a crash yet. Hope it works for you
  7. This is good, let's just hope good rivalry breeds good innovation
  8. Thank you for being Linus Media Group. I started watching your videos about a year ago and so far I think I've only skipped less than 10, everything is just such a high quality that I don't have time to watch them all. Good work everyone!
  9. No viruses or other malware detected with a full scan. I came across this blog (http://technologicaltheologian.blogspot.com/2012/10/zenbook-prime-and-unexpected-shutdown.html) which has a slightly similar problem, except mine crashes and hangs -no auto shutdown-. I don't know what to do at this point, to send the computer back in for warranty will take 1-2 months and may not fix the problem. No Asus employee seems to have any idea of any sort of fix.
  10. Trying that now, memtest came up with 0 errors
  11. I dont think the browser is the problem. It will still crash when the browsers are not even running.
  12. Oh, the computer doesnt still execute any tasks, the video stops playing. I use chrome and firefox, there is no difference between the two, the computer still hangs(crashes?)
  13. I was updating steam + watching linus tech tips, I would upload a video but the file size is too large. (it occurs at random moments. ranging from watching movies or playing tetris or gaming) No BSOD, just a droning noise and frozen screen (sometimes black) When it hangs, there is no response from the keyboard or mouse. I have to resort to holding the power button