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  1. Tried it on a new installed Windows. Same issue
  2. I will check what my Core Usages are and revert.
  3. Hi There Everyone. Hoping someone can maybe help. I got Ryse - Son Of rome on a good deal and recommended by a friend. The problem is in the begging, im having massive FPS issues. no matter what resolution i put on or Quality it stays around 40s to high 50s but never uses more than 50% GPU usage. Has anyone had this issue? My Rig Specs Below. CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: 1080ti PSU: 750w MBD: Asrock X470
  4. Hi everyone. Im looking for if there is any software where i can adjust like a dial the volume of the ingame volume and Chat volume mix. For example i had a Steelseries with a dial on it so i could adjust how loud the game audio will be xompared to the mic of the person on gaming with. I currently have be the Logitech G933.
  5. Hi everyone. Hoping someone could just give me some advise. Iv bought a new TV for my lounge which i have my gaming machine hooked up to. Im looking dor the best settings to get the best colour and best response time. Tv is a Hisense 65" Model- Number- 65B7100 Any assistance will be much appreciated. Iv seen a few videos on other brands how to get Latency down etc but nothing on this brand.
  6. Hi There Everyone. I was hoping someone could help me with Understanding some Performance issues im having on Red Dead Redemption 2 at 1080P I understand the game is demanding and requires a beefy PC to run at High Ultra, But i just want toi find out if the frame drops in certain areas are normal. I will give my Full PC specs at the end with the settings im currently running at. Possible SPOILERS below! ! ! I noticed my first FPS drops when you and your crew decide to go rob the Train and you go from the snow to the Grass, i dropped from a stable Vsync on 60Fps to low 50s. 2nd part is when you and everyone decide to leave for the next town and your wagon wheel breaks, again when im riding the wagon just before it breaks im dropping to low 50s. If it is just maybe very certain areas that tend to be VERY demanding i understand, i am just hoping that it is not most areas when you out in the wild as the drop in frames really distracts from the actual enjoyment of the game. Both the above parts are basically very early on in the game as i have only purchased it Yesterday. Any Help or information would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to drop some settings if the Visual Quality will not be effected greatly. PC Specs Below: CPU: - Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: - GTX1080ti MBD: - Asrock X470 RAM: - 16GB 3200Mhz Red Dead Specs Below: Texture Quality: - Ultra Anisotropic Filtering: - X16 Lighting Quality: - High Global Illumination: - High Shadow Quality: - Medium Far Shadow Quality: - High SSAO: - Ultra Reflection Quality: - Medium Mirror Quality: - Ultra Water Quality: - Custom Volumetric Quality: - Custom Particle Quality: - Ultra Tesselation Quality: - Ultra TAA: - High FXAA: - Off MSAA: - Off GPU API: - Vulkan (DX12 give me AVG: 6 FPS Lower) Near Volumetric Res: - Low Far Volumetric Res: - Low Volumetric Lighting: - High Unlocked Vol Raymarch: - On Particle Lighting Quality: - Low Soft Shadows: - Medium Grass Shadows: - Medium Long Shadows: - On Full Res SSAO: - Off Water Refraction Quality: - Medium Water Reflection Quality: - High Water Physics Quality: - 50% of Slider Resolution Scale: - Off TAA Sharpening: - 100% of Slider Motion Blur: - Off Reflection MSAA: - Off Geometry Level Detail: - 100% of Slider Grass Level detail: - 100% of Slider Tree Quality: - High Parallax Occlusion: - Ultra Decal Quality: - High Fur Quality: - High Tree Tessellation: - Off
  7. Hi everyone. I bought a 65" 4K TV for my lounge for gaming, i was wondering if i would need Specific HDMI cables in order to support 4K@60FPS with HDR.
  8. Another question if anyone could answer, if i run 1080p games on a 4K tv. Will the image look worse than if i played it on a standard 1080p? I dont expect it to look any better, i just would like to know of atleast it is the same quality as native 1080p
  9. Ho everyone. Hoping someone can help. Im purchasing a 4K 65" TV. I game in my living room with a Roccat setup. Was wondering if the GTX1080TI suports 4K@60fps through HDMI. Iv already checked and the TV does support that. Want to mame sure my GPU can and not only through Display Port.
  10. Im seeing some people saying go Ryzen 3600, others 3700x. At the moment im gaming at 1080p, and a buddy of mine has a 3600 and he gets and average of about 10 to 15 fps higher in games running on same setup other than cpu. If the 3700x is not gona boost performance then i would go 3600.