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  1. Shmuel_06

    SSD vs HDD pls help

    Apart from faster load times (obviously) are there any other reasons why a SSD is a better choice then a HDD for gaming? Btw pls not fighting in the comments
  2. If you came here to ramble about how crap intel is and that Ryzen is way better just don’t I already know Ryzen is better and i intend to use Ryzen in any builds I may use but right now I just wanna know how long and i3 9100f would last.
  3. Is it the same sad story for H310 chipset for intel
  4. Forget about price could someone explain to me what else apart from overclockability why is it bad
  5. I have already made a post a while ago on this but it was like a month ago but anyway. If I have zero interest in over clocking or upgrading my RAM would an A320 be fine for gaming? Idk if that’s enough info if you need more and I’ll be happy to provide
  6. Shmuel_06

    Can motherboards bottleneck a rig

    Thank you all so much holy shit that response time was faster then 911 lmao
  7. Hi I’m building my first PC and I was wondering if an A320-HDV motherboard would bottleneck a RX 570, Ryzen 5 2600 and 16 gb of ram. I know that I can’t do any over clocking and I’m fine with that but will the A320 actually affect the performance of games. ( and yes it is all compatible I have checked ) Thx alot I appreciate any comments
  8. Shmuel_06

    Will One stick of ram work

    Thx both of u for helping me out I really appreciate it, btw sorry I meant to say if one stick will work if u have 2 slots not if it will work in a dual memory channel lol
  9. Shmuel_06

    Will One stick of ram work

    No I’m building my first pc and I’ve got everything else sorted out but it would save me a bunch of money if I just installed one stick of ram