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  1. Chicago Cubs Era 2016 World Series Champions hat. I'm a very big baseball fan and I love caps of different team. So I decided to buy one of them. I bought this cap on MyFitteds. It's a store in New Jersey, which I found on the Internet. I am very happy with the purchase.
  2. I broke my leg at a football three days ago. Up to this point, I have never broken my bones, and I am already 25 years old!
  3. New Puma sneakers. I bought them at a store in New-Jersey https://www.walk-inmycloset.com/. These sneakers are amazing. Very soft and comfortable. So even for a small price. I am very happy with the purchase.
  4. I make a custom logo. This is a very painstaking work that takes a lot of energy. This is especially noticeable when I have a lot of orders. Each client needs a unique logo, which is not close to the others. Logaster helps me in this regard https://www.logaster.com/logo/. It gives a lot of different ideas on the basis of which I create my own unique content.
  5. Why is it so popular? I went on a date with a new girl, so she first asked if I had instagram, to which I said no. she was a little upset. What's the matter?
  6. Because they can't do it. If they decide to do this then they need to completely rebuild everything, as there is no such phone so that he could run such a game. You look at what makes WoT Blitz with powerful phones.
  7. I would like to share my impressions about Milwaukee 2712-20 https://drilling-it.com/milwaukee-2712-20-reviews/. It's a Brushless puncher. It is quite convenient to use because it is wireless. One thing I didn't like was the battery. I would not say that it is weak, but the battery lasts for a while. But it has 3 modes, and a powerful motor. In General, if someone liked this tool, it is better to buy it only if you do not have much money.
  8. I'm thinking of buying this beauty.
  9. I finally bought myself a new gaming chair. My old one has already broken down after a not very successful match in PUBG. So I decided to buy a new chair , and the on the stool something not conveniently.
  10. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" - Ernest Hemingway. I highly recommend reading it. From Russian works I can recommend only "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy. A pity that I have now not so much time to pursue time on forum or for reading books. I am write my essay now for my term paper for my University. I hope it will end soon and I will be able to read their favourite book.
  11. Well, if you decided to hire someone, I would recommend you EffectiveSoft. I recently ordered website for me. But I've seen that they can do anything you ask. They have a very large portfolio, so I think that they can be trusted.
  12. Honestly, it looks terrible. But I'll think about it. The position of the laptop is really changing.