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  1. Well in the video he does have a z390 motherboard but can it really justify the power draw discrepancy? Because 100+W apposed to his 70W is pretty huge and the voltage draw his mobo was only using 1.15 at most and mine pushes 1.325V but I will try a bios update tomorrow.
  2. HI guys hope everyone's well during these trying times. I recently upgraded my i3-9100F to an i7-8700 and my CPU cooler from the stock cooler to a CM hyper H410r and I had some concerns. Asus Tuf b360m-plus gaming mono I7-8700 GTX 1070 16GB corsair vengeance LPX ddr4 2666MHz Psu : antec VP700-700W 80+ white So basically what's happening here is my CPU is power limit throttling but the voltages are absolutely all over the place if I enable XMP and my ram clocks up to 2666Mhz it changed the voltage from default in the bios and Intel XTU to 1.3 volts on the CPU core and if I run the benchmark it hits up into the 80s in a few mins. This concers me as I've seen someone on YouTube use the exact same cooler and their CPU hit max like 78W of power while mine is sucking down 120W and his was keeping the boost clock of 4.3GHz on all cores he peaked at 72C average of 62C without power limit throttling.If I have XMP disabled my CPU power limit throttles and keeps it at 65W but clocks drop to 3.7GHz. I'm begging for someome who's experienced to help me find a way on a B360 mobo to somehow be able to attain that tdp of 70ish W with 1.something V of power and keep the boost of 4.3GHz When I run the test I've seen it draw way over 75W and use 1.32V on the CPU and my temps would skyrocket to 80+ My case has 2 intake and 3 exhaust fans decent airflow and ambient is about 25-27C Any help.would be greatly appreciated. I'm just concerned as those temps do seem high.
  3. Hey everyone, so I just bought a new graphics card GTX 1070(gigabyte g1) and my old 550W cheapy PSU started making some horrible coil whine so I got worried i RMA it and I bought an Antec 700VP plus and its got a really quiet hum of coil whine, my case is the bitfenix ronin and I decided to just press abit on the back of the PSU mesh when I heard the noise and it dampened it a lot so I put small pieces of cardboard to act as makeshift spacers, do you think this will damage or harm the PSU in any way because the noise has basically disappeared at this point. Thanks for the help in advance
  4. Hey everyone, I'm from south Africa and I was just wonder if anyone who has an i3-9100F has issues with temps when gaming, I use the stock Intel cooler and under load the most I've seen my temps go up to is 75°C and I checked it on MSI afterburner, just wanted to know if that's safe because it says on the website that the max temp for this CPU is 72° and it gets me a bit worried
  5. Everything is running stock and so, I've tried with almost all the versions of nvidia drivers, 1903 for me was the worst it would sometimes cause the PC to crash in the login/sign in windows screen
  6. Hi guys, I recently have upgraded to a new set of hardware, I got an Asus tuf B360M-plus gaming motherboard, 8GB of DDR4 balistix 3000MHz RAM and an i3-9100F, I also have a GTX1050 Ti from Asus (no external power). So after I installed windows on the PC again (windows 10 pro 64bit) and installed my nvidia drivers the PC will constantly crash sometimes after 4 minutes, it completely shuts off, no blue screen or restart it completely switches off and reboots, it seems to have this recurring issue, I think its my PSU which is 420W but I took it to a technician and he said it was drivers he did some stuff and said he fixed it when I got it back there were no drivers installed and when I reinstalled the drivers it crashed again. My windows version is 1809, please can I get some urgent help I can barely use the PC currently PS I am from south Africa so just going out and getting new hardware or replacement stuff is extremely expensive