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  • CPU
    Intel Core I7-4600m
  • Motherboard
    Dell Latitude E6540 chipset
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Intel Hd Graphics 4600
  • Case
    It's a laptop, so, idk
  • Storage
    240GB Kingstone ssd
  • Display(s)
    LG 34UC79G-B
  • Cooling
    Stock cooling
  • Keyboard
    Genesis Rhod 600
  • Mouse
    Fury Gladiator
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    Dell Latitude E6540
  1. Yeah, I already ordered some high quality one. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for your very usuefull awnser. I think I will stick with the stock cooler, and give the entire pc case a good airflow. I took apart the laptop like an hour ago, and ran some benchmarks with the bottom cover, and the keyboard removed. The temperatures dropped by 15Celsius. So I guess the stock cooler will also do, I just have to give it some more "fresh air". Again thank you for your awnser, it was really helpfull.
  3. No, I wouldn't recommend doing that. The GPU will bottleneck really badly due to the CPU. https://pc-builds.com/calculator/Core_i5-2400/GeForce_GTX_1060/0cN0Velu/16/ Also, depending on which model of the GPU u would like to buy, they use up to 80-90W when playing in 1080p. Your power PSU would probably be enough, but you would be near the limits
  4. Hey. I am working on converting my Dell Latitude E6540 into a desktop, for fun, and I would like to replace the stock cooler, cuz it doesn't preform that well. Are there any, desktop-grade cooler, that I could use? And if no, would 3d printing a bracket, that fits with the stock coolers srewholes, then installing a heatsreader plus a fan on it be viable? Or would using just a heatspreader be enough? Thanks in advance, MRRetek