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  1. Hi, I really would appreciate some help. I have a two year old custom gaming pc from Cyberpower that I use for heavy motion graphics Here are the specs 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7-7700K Quad-Core 32GB DDR4 RAM 240GB SSD + 3TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (11GB GDDR5X) In the past 3 months I’ve been getting progressively consistent BSODs (most often System Service Exception, APC Index mismatch, Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap, Page Fault in Nonpaged Area) Here’s the history- I’ve done a clean install of Windows and updated it, updated all drivers, done CPU and Hard Drive diagnostic tests and Memtest with no errors. But my graphics card failed the Superunigine benchmark test. So I took it to a repair shop and they said it was the PSU that wasn’t supplying enough power to the graphics card, with the amount of processing I was making it do. They put in an 850w PSU and additional cooling. I bring it home and I’m still getting BSODs. I then got a used 1080 gpu and tried running the benchmark and it also failed. I’m at a loss at the moment. Could someone point me in the right direction? Could the pins connection the GPU to the motherboard be faulty? Could it possibly (I really hope not) be my files? I ran the HDD scan test on both HDD and SSD with no errors. The blue screens seemed to be getting progressively worse, at some point I couldn’t even watch netflix without it bluescreening. I've attached Minidump logs, hopefully they're helpful. 072219-6125-01.dmp 072219-6218-01.dmp 072219-6562-01.dmp 072219-6828-01.dmp 072219-7406-01.dmp