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  1. Yes... And if you read all the information on that matter, they have been requisitionned as per the emergency bill from the french government which allows them to do that for all medical materials on french soil. And YES, I do agree it was a blunder! And YES they sent half of it to Spain and Italy. And yes it was "only" half of it 2 weeks later, the time to resolve the blunder and only half was sent because the other half had already been dispatched in the hospitals. And YES, France will have to pay the price for that blunder! I do agree! But... So what? Because a blunder happened on french soil because of some over-zealous administrative representative, that makes what happened in China ok? Really? edited to add: In fact, I'm not even surprised by all your reactions in regard to this kind of behaviour! ********************* If that's what you want to believe
  2. And if France was in the wrong, they will of course have to pay for that. As they should! And I have no problem with that at all But here we are talking of 5 millions masks which were ordered, paid and about to be shipped. There is a "slight" difference!
  3. No, Mister! Whether in a pandemic or not, contracts are still valid! If you order and don't pay, the merchandise is not yours! It's as simple as that. What you are implying is rather dubious in regard of the facts.
  4. No, if France would have sold them to the US there wouldn't be such an outcry! France ordered them and did pay for them. The masks were 10 days late for delivery. And just as they were about to be sent, they have been highjacked by the US. China, whether it's the company or a chinese official (truthfully I don't really care which one it is) accepted to sell them to a US official representative for 3 times the official price. Things are quite clear in that regards.
  5. It wasn't an american business. The masks have been sent directly to a US State. The french officials know who bought them. They simply don't want to make it public. google translate is your friend: https://www.liberation.fr/france/2020/04/01/une-commande-francaise-de-masques-detournee-vers-les-etats-unis-sur-un-tarmac-chinois_1783805
  6. When you read the different articles, facts are quite clear. France bought them from China. At the last moment China sold them for 3 times the price on the runway to the US who asked for them on the tarmac just before the masks were to be loaded on the plane. edited to add: China didn't "refuse" to sell to the US. France ordered them first, the US hijacked them at the very last moment.
  7. A news involving Masks, France and the US: France ordered some masks to China for the Grand-Est region - Grand Est is the equivalent of New York regarding the Covid-19 cases, death toll - and all. They were about to be shipped by plane (on the runway about to be loaded on the plane) when a US representative came, bought them all just right there and then for 3 times the original price, paid cash (!!!!!) and they were immediately loaded on another plane for the US. Sources: https://www.nouvelobs.com/coronavirus-de-wuhan/20200402.OBS26954/des-masques-commandes-par-la-france-rachetes-sur-le-tarmac-en-chine-par-les-americains.html http://www.rfi.fr/en/europe/20200402-china-coronavirus-face-mask-france-stolen-us https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/04/02/french-officials-describe-assault-course-nations-obtain-protective/ https://www.globalvillagespace.com/after-blaming-us-bought-france-bound-face-masks-from-china/ I'll make 2 comments: WTF US?!?!?!?!?!? WTF CHINA?!?!?!?!?!? I'm to move for France to sue both their asses off in front of WTO (OMC in french) tribunals!
  8. Covid-19, Train, Military Hodpital Ship and a crazy conspiracy theorist:
  9. I'm truly sorry for your situation and for all those who are in the same one as your. I understand and know that it's not easy. Far from it. Mine is not either. I know it may sound as being such a platitude but... as long as you're alive and in good health you can rebuild. If you're dead or have to deal with sequels... it's much more difficult.
  10. You can do that when you have planned and readied yourself for that situation. How does real life look?
  11. I hope too for your sake, but if I may say, you need people to run the economy and in that regard you only need to look at history: 1918-19 --> 1929 --> 1934 You already have everything in place all around the world for 1934, we are completely in 1918-19... You only need 1929! Why on earth do you think that Europe is injecting so much money to keep people at home to have them as safe as possible AND giving money to the (small) companies to keep running? In my country the state even went so far as to not ask for rent from the shops and small companies in order to not strangle them and asked the land-owners to do the same in exchange of tax exemptions. And many land-owners accepted. WHO do you think makes the country run? The big companies or the small ones? Which ones are providing the cash-flow? The big ones who seek as much tax-exemptions and delocalize as much as possible or the small ones which employ the citizens locally and pay their taxes?
  12. Huh???? Obviously you're wrong!!! It says "bitch", not "dog"! O_o
  13. Just saw this: Absolutely disgusted by human stupidity, ignorance and social "racism"...
  14. Good! Good!! Now... If we take this 102 lines for safe distancing and convert them into binary we get 1100110 lines!!!! Isn't that even better in terms of social distancing???
  15. Ha !!! THAT is a smart question !!! Personnally I'd say that it would be "2 + 2" rule under the Alternative Thinking Act of the Constitution Rule! SO... If you start your post with a quote it should be 22 lines then 2 lines under the quote and then you type your text and if you end it like that it would be 2 more lines. If you end it with another quote, then the "2+2" rule who'd apply again and then it would end with 22 blank lines again. More than good safe distancing in my opinion! Better safe than sorry!!!!
  16. And that's why they say that mitigation and social distancing is not to solve the problem but to save time to not overwhelm the HCS capacity until a/some cure(s) and/or a vaccine are found. But in no way is it a long term solution. If we don't find any of the above (cure + vaccine) then the only solution would be to let it run and try to mitigate/social distance until we develop herd immunity. But if we do that the death toll will be horrendous (remember 1918 Spanish Flu and the ~50 millions deaths around the world and multiply...). Don't forget also that India and Africa are just at the beginning... the virus is already running there for... quite some weeks now but only now is it "activating" because of the change of season... Their HCS is all but sub-optimal if even existant in many places. I let you imagine... This one is on the right track to become seasonal...
  17. You're a government and you don't have enough PPE to give to your medical workers! What do you do? You tell them: to share? that in fact they don't need it and change the guidelines to support your narrative? that it's been delivered when in fact it's not? they are forbidden to talk about it? In fact it's all of the above! Well done UK Government! That's the way to go! Source: https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/eddie-mair/doctors-told-not-to-talk-about-ppe-shortage/
    1. greenhorn


      This reminds me of this compilation from the British show "This Morning" 


  18. Holly Molly... 9 University hospitals groups in Europe (l’Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), San Raffaele in Milan, Vall d’Hebron in Barcelone, the King’s Health Partners in Londres and the Charity in Berlin) sent a letter to their respective governments informing them that they are going to run out of stock of drugs... Drugs very much needed in ICU at this very moment like curares, hypnotics, corticoïdes, antibiotics... Some of them have only 2 days left in stock. IF they don't have an increase in cases... Governmments better change their drugs supply chain once this disater is over!!! It drives me crazy to think that they let "us" become so dependent of China and India and that these countries are allowed to retain their production for themselves when they should have delivered the very much needed drugs here! And to think that China is boasting around saying that they are "giving" masks and PPE to "help" when in fact they are selling them for the maxed price! Sources: https://www.nouvelobs.com/coronavirus-de-wuhan/20200401.OBS26914/coronavirus-neuf-hopitaux-europeens-s-alarment-d-une-penurie-de-medicaments.html https://www.nouvelobs.com/coronavirus-de-wuhan/20200328.OBS26724/des-hopitaux-au-bord-de-la-penurie-de-medicaments-indispensable-en-reanimation.html https://www.lemonde.fr/planete/article/2020/03/31/medicaments-neuf-grands-hopitaux-europeens-lancent-un-appel-a-l-aide_6035030_3244.html https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/top-london-hospitals-warn-theyre-21790114 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8172097/NHS-hospital-London-run-essential-drugs-days.html
  19. Oh my.... Spain's death toll: 800+ for the 4th consecutive day... 864 deaths yesterday only! 3,200+ deaths in 4 days! 9k+ death in total 100k cases
  20. @scuff gang banned for not looking "right" (and left...) before banning.
  21. Happy Fools Day to you all too But... I'm not licking the toilet seat! NO WAY!!!
  22. I hate zoos... Each time I go in one I feel so depressed. There is one exception! A zoo in Belgium, Pairi Daiza.

    They posted some picture of the interactions and the developped friendship between orang-utans and otters. As both species need to play a lot and have their attention constantly occupied, and in this time of confinement they were with less workers, the carers decided to give access of the Orang-Utans river to the otters and... what should happen happened! 🙂



    I read that a previous experiment of the sort has happened in Singapore Zoo.

  23. If you look carefully what he is wiping his shoes with, they are not "masks" but different pieces of masks not assembled. I find it hard to believe that these are going to be assembled later to be used as masks. Well there is another video in the link which seems more believable (India) and this one definitely makes me rethink the whole idea of buying anything health related to "made in India"... :-S