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  1. A few weeks ago I posted aB&W drawing made by my daughter of Tenko Shimura (My Hero Academia Vilain)


    -->  TenkoShimura_NHA.jpg.7658f437be6da21db50f6ce7063ef645.jpg


    Here is the 2nd version of her representation:


    -->  TenkoShimura_2.jpg.3f017a54dec91eb69133c823a5c5e9c3.jpg


    She asked me to post it here in order to get some constructive opinion, she really appreciated the last ones (thank you for those who participated then ^o^).


    Thank you in advance


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cora_Lie


      Yes, she has one, but afaik, she only used it for the 1st one (drawing) and from there she used the mental image she has of him.

    3. VegetableStu


      I'd say she's doing good. the only thing I'd think of for pushing her a little is understanding forms now (i.e. curvature), since her recent piece looks a bit flat (but for her level she's doing good in small details)


      it'll take time, so don't expect an overnight thing


      ... okay maybe one more, if attempting to draw hair, think of hair as a mass or hand-sized clumps rather than individual strands (compare the hair in her drawing with one of the images). if that analogy helps ,_,

    4. Cora_Lie


      I'll pass her the comments ^o^  She's taking any ideas in and works on them.

      I'm not "expecting" anything or "pushing" in any way, just encouraging and giving opinions. She has much more ability than I do in drawing, my "creativity" is in another area.

      She needs to grow in her own way at her own rythm with proper guidance. And in that area I can't help her, I know my own limits 😛 So I found her proper guidance.

      I noticed she needs "reassurance" from strangers as she thinks "Mommy! You like anything I do, because you're my mom!" - which is not true, but hey 😛 That's also why I accept to post her work in different places when she asks for it and then I translate the comments.

      For now she decided she wanted to work for Tsume Art. I'll see with time it that sticks or if she changes her mind. She's only 13, so she still has time to decide and change her mind ^o^

  2. WOW!!!! ^o^ We have a time traveler from the Future among us! So... It's safe to assume that at least some of us survive Climate Change...
  3. Water ionizer Trolling mode: In fact it seems they should have used this kind of thingamagick in Fling to remove the acid part and make it more "alkaline" if I follow the explanation in the previous link Serious mode: Knowing that "alkaline" is as bad as "acidic" (all in moderation) and that most waters need to tend to the as ph neutral as possible, I^m not so sure that "ionized alkaline" water is that much better for the body... But it all depends on people's body too. I know that I have "acidity" problems in my body. To balance that I either have to take some foul tasting medicine or need to drink some "real" fresh pressed lemon/orange/grapefruit juice, as agrums are in fact making your body alkaline, despite the fact that they taste acidic.
  4. Yep... Heard the same new fancy terms to make you buy other fancy appliances for your own good... As in "ionized water"... ----------------------------------- After some magical ball scrutiny, it would seem that "ionized water" and "alkaline water" are the same... Interesting... *facepalm* I love the "molecular perfection" of the Apple water !!!! "Literally twice as many hydrogen atoms as there are oxygen atoms"
  5. The taste of water comes from the minerals inside. Not from the H2O. "Light water" ?? "Diet Water" ?? I mean... We have "Contrex" water in France which is a recognize (analyzed) water drank when you^re on diet, as the minerals in it make you "eliminate" more quickly, but the taste... It's a very salty water... Hate it... But... "Diet water" ???? O_o
  6. I wonder... Did you "read" what I wrote here: Maybe the fact that some people here comment about that here may relate to that? Do you think that it is a possibility? There is that, I do agree. But for me there is a much more structural problem... By always considering some vital systems for a company as "services" and so not investing in some physical and in-house management, by deferring all this day to day management to external companies with the idea that "if the service doesn't work for me I'll simply change" then it will on one part reproduce the error that you can, as a company truly defer the day to day management of your informatin system network, when in fact a company NEEDS to always be in control of it, and as such be the one who understands and knows what is where and how easily they can access it. And to be able to do that you need to have an in-house IT service... You can't externalize it. And I'm not even touching to the security and encryption of information here. The root of the problem is, as I see it, that as always there is the problem of "control is power". In-house Managers often feel/felt that IT service had too much power for a vital aspect in a company that they do not understand. And it's an area that costs! A LOT! So let's take back the power and let's "cut the costs" by hiring a company who will do the same but who we can cut the contract with as we want or need to (aka IT "as a service"), so "we" are back in control! Which truly is not the case as the managers know and understand even less how it works as they don't have in-house specialists (the IT people) anymore who can explain it to them. But... It's a regular cost, the management has the illusion that they can planify more easily the costs and investments without the human costs. And again, not talking about the security of information part. And the leakage of information, and the management of effective storage... Depending where it's going to be stored, legal aspects are different, etc. And the ultimate argument at the end... That one is the most "magnificent" imo: either you reduce human's hability to "mess with the system" or you completely abandon the management to AI's, as the systems becomes more and more complex and so it will clash with the needs and reactivity hability of human beings to deal with the new problems and constraints coming from the complexitiy of the new structure that is coming from the "cloud" infrastructure... Now... It's an opinion piece, you say (and not you alone). But... Of course it's an opinion piece! It's an article! In a magazine! So it's written by someone who is going to give you some information and then his/her opinion about that given information. I don't see what your point is here. The idea is to discuss the opinions given and to share your own opinion with the other readers. To discuss it... So... I still do not understand what the problem is exactly with it being an "opinion piece"... Everything is an "opinion piece"...
  7. A few weeks ago I posted a news about "subscription fatigue", and now... welll seems that "subscription as the norm" is almost there... Or so they say on Ars Technica Source: ArsTechnica Opinions?
  8. OKAYYY!! ^o^ That ones !!!!! We almost don't use them anymore and they are still used for some small electric appliances and chargers. But they are in process of being replaced because they are too fragile and don't set well after some time in the socket (I've read that in some newspaper, don't remember which one). You find now more and more the CEE 7/17 (aka C17) as they are more securely set in the socket than the CEE 7/16 (aka C16) which is the one you showed
  9. Ah! Sorry for misunderstanding again :-S Well... I'm almost sure you've never heard of it as it's a Medieval Fair in a small country in Northern Europe... It was in a small city named Diddeleng. They have their annual Medieval Fair there each september and it's really very nice.
  10. Well... In my everyday life I'm most definitely living in the XXIst century ^o^ Then some WEs, it's either in the middle-ages or in some fantasy world depending on which Live Action RPG we're participating to. ^o^ Plus, my daughter loves Medieval Fairs, but is not really into the Live Action yet, BUT she wants to have her costumes all the same.. And it's more fun to go in a Mediaval Fair when you're dressed just like it... It makes you truly appreciate buttons and zippers
  11. Sorry... It was "Fair" Thx for pointing that out
  12. What did I learn today? That parenting is the most difficult thing to do in one's life and that sometimes "tough love" is necessary