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  1. I'm living in a town with ~120k souls by night & WE and grows to ~250k people by day... I'm soon moving to a town with 8+k people, BUT it's only 20mn away by train from my present city (more than 30mn by car and can go up to 1.5h at rush hour). Spent 1 year in Paris... Couldn't bear it! The smell, the people, the noise, the crowded feeling... *shivers* Spending a week in a big city now and then is ok, living in one depresses me and drives me nuts. Now that I'm moving not far from the countryside I'll finally be able to have a dog again. Didn't want it to be constricted in a flat, with me away all day long. I like walking, the countryside, trekking, the woods, the mountains, etc. I "need" that. Like reading too, and do some "handiwork". My daughter too, different ones. We need some space and space is a luxury in a city. Always used to say "If you can be a good companion for yourself, then you can be a good companion for others".
  2. Not discussing your choice for reducing or managing pain. To each his/her own I had/have some back pains and when truly in pain (really feeling discomfort in my case) then I use TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). It really works for me and helped me A LOT. I'm aware that not everyone can use it.
  3. I don't do drugs... Any kind of drugs... Even managed to cut down sugar in my daily life. And when I need a sugar rush I'll drink some Pepsi, My only "thing" is this : and only the salted ones and managed to get only 1 per month. They are less salty than the other brands we have around... And... in fact I'm even going to learn to make them myself at home. ^o^
  4. In French we say "partenaire" ("partner" in english) or, more and more often "PACSé(e)". Related to the PACS which is a civil contract but not a marriage. Like in Dutch We don't have 1 word for that notion. We mostly say "mon/ma regretté(e) époux(se)", more or less in english, "my regretted spouse". It implies, in french, that the spouse is gone/dead.
  5. Seems we have some studies about the possible aftermaths for the CoVid-19 survivors. Among them a high-risk in kidney damage and possibly reproductive damage in male testes (possible infertility)... Source: https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/LitRep_20200213.pdf These 2 publications are pre-pubilished (so not peer-reviewed yet). This has yet to be confirmed. But it would seem that the CoVid-19 uses the same enzyme as the SARS to attach itself in the human body, but with a larger range of sequels in the human body. To be monitored. Now... Extrapolation in future evolution: What will be the mid- to long term evolution of this - IF it happens to be confirmed - regarding the chinese society with their prevalence and active social preference for having boys instead of girls. China has a 1.15 ratio (one of the highest in the world). Which means that for one girl there is 1.15 boys (the average in the world, being 1.01) Sex ratio of the world population, by country. 2013 2020.02.12.20022418v1.full.pdf 2020.02.08.20021212v1.full.pdf
  6. Hum... She seems very worried for her parents and on the verge of being hysterical. One thing I don't understand is that she says the doctor they see is an ophtalmologist but no one there speaks english? How do they know he is an ophtalmologist? (genuine question). I don't doubt what she is saying, I'm just surprised that it goes on the contrary of what was said in different other videos: https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/coronavirus-man-on-cruise-ship-tells-james-obrien/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKydRcHz9jhu_t247j7JLUQ/videos And many others. I truly hope that what she is describing is not really happening, as it would be very difficult to understand from a country such as Japan. ------------------------------- It seems that now there are 2 deaths in Iran due to CoVid -19.
  7. Gosh! Could you be anymore obvious than that! What makes me lol is that you are constantly recuperating informations from others and then just add things as if you knew all along (but didn't say anything) or just trying to "debunk" what you think in your own mind to be "a conspiracy theory" because it doesn't go in the way you'll like! Very easy to check: all one needs to do is look back in the thread and read who said what and when. I told you before, but it doesn't seem to sink in your mind: "Dirty data is still data, it all depends how you are treating it!" If you if you are taking it per se and gullibly believe it at face value, that's really stupid. But when you have one information from one source, another from another source, and a third and a fourth, and they all have common points, then you have a pattern. A pattern is not a proof, but an indication that there's something to be looked there! If you did actually read the article you're refferring to (this one in fact: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3874013), it is clearly written that many possibilities can explain the spots on the sat images. But hey... Who is "biased" again? Ah! The one who is using the official numbers to make nice graphs! And when I post an article about the problem with numbers from a mathematician published in the New York Times (everyone knows that the NYT is the conspiration theorists lair - irony intended ) your reaction is "Yes! Yes! It's true! And even more!" and BAM! Another series of nice graphs. Now I can nicely and cosily sit back and eat my popcorn, as most of the things I said would happen actually did (not that I'm happy about it!) but nothing annoys me more than posers. Gosh! I'm soooo happy to be good and successful in my job, as your disparaging comments could - almost - make me doubt of my own professional value! By the way, I'm a Risk Intelligence Analyst with a background in Data Mining!
  8. An article I've just read related to numbers and CoVid-19 in the New York Times, which I find absolutely great in terms of insights and which explains what I'm trying to say since the beginning of this story when writing "Don't trust the numbers!" I love my fellow Mathematicians ^o^ https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/18/opinion/coronavirus-china-numbers.html Full article copied in the spoiler at the end of the post. This! Something I'm saying since the beginning... Between: the wrongly attributed causes of deaths by mistake, the volontarily wrongly attributed causes of death, the indirect deaths caused by the situation (non-access to treatment for previous sickness, ICU non-accessible, etc.) And I totally agree with the conclusion: Regarding a point mentioned in the article, there is one point I agree with him on the strictly mathematical and logical point of view, but have to disagree with him on the psychological aspect because of all the clues already disclosed in the different medias. I do agree that there are many reasons why I think the "real numbers" are not the "official numbers" as presented to us. Some of these reasons are genuinely "innocent" as in doctors too tired, mistakes at the beginning of the diagnosis, not enough kits to really test for the CoVid-19. That is one thing, that is on the human factor level. On the other hand, there is also the CCP factor. And that is on a completely other level of manipulating and control. For example, we now know that "Xi Jin Ping" has been made aware of the gravity of the situation since the 7th of January, officially. Not disclosing it immediately to the world, not stopping everything immediately is a political decision. The decision of rounding up all the people who presented any approaching symptom to CoVid-19 in the same hangars is a political decision, which means that in there even people with a simple cold or running nose or a light fever are willingly put in a situation to catch it too and potentially die from it. Sending back home people who have been diagnosed and tested positive to CoVid-19 and so the possibility to infect their family members, is also a political decision. These 2 levels of "mistakes" are both responsible of the situation "we" and the "Chinese Population" are in right now. I mean... As of today you have more than 10% of the Chinese population who is going to be in a drastic quarantine in residence in China. 150,000,000 people! And frankly? Yes, this is right! In my opinion it is better to be quarantined at home or in a hotel (in order to not contaminate your family) or on a cruise ship and be constantly monitored by professionals (as they were on the japanese cruise ship) and when/if you show symptoms of sickness immediately sent to hospital to be efficiently treated and taken care of than be moved around constantly and spread the little buggers happily around. And let's not talk about all these passengers who were released in Cambodia and happily shook hands and breathed out their buggers and now we have people happily around the world. Truly, I wouldn't be surprised if later we learn that all these sick people have been released because the cruise ship company wanted to be paid because oftheir immobilized ships and so cost a tremendoulsy humoungous sum of money with the ships not cruising the sunny sees with happy vacationers onboard. Sick people onboard? Bad advertisement and costly (in present and in the future). Wouldn't be surprised either if the Diamond Princess suddenly changes names in the future. Full article:
  9. Do as you wish. And I'm perfectly aware of what I reveal about myself, my opinions, and my values. All things I already expressed in past posts on different subjects. I have nothing to "get off my chest", I've already expressed these very same things to you in public and private in the past weeks. So I really don't see the point of you implying who knows what by saying that. I have no "wish", but one of the things I KNOW is that data and numbers can be used, turned and twisted to show exactly what one want them to show simply by selecting which one to use and how to partition them. And it is also a proven and known fact that the numbers provided by China to all the others actors of the management of this epidemic in pass to become a pandemic are doctored. So...
  10. @Canoe I'm utterly dismayed by your open one-sided criticism of the japanese quarantine of the Diamond Princess! You openly tried to explain the chinese round up and coraling in the big virus sharing 10,000 beds spaces by some way of "triage" of the potentially sick, when, as it has been demonstrated later, it's nothing else than places to let the sick be sick without any care (multiple testimonies of that fact), in the cold, without any proper care. You are openly sharing with us for how many days now your nice little graphs wich are not showing anything else but what the chinese government is officially spreading misinformation by manipulating numbers in the best way they see fit for themselves and the glorious party. The situation is so much better right now (irony intended) in China that they are tightening the quarantines everywhere in the country, the rules becoming even more drastically harsh, the control of information becoming even more hard to the citizens with the disappearance of the "civilian journalists" who dared to show and share with the outside world what was really happening in the zone! And here you are daring to openly criticize one country who took care of the people on a cruise ship, fed them, monitored them several times per day, didn't restrict them access to the outside world (TV, Internet, phone) and took them into hospital care when they started to show symptoms of the sickness and you dare to accuse them of "malpractice"? The "ineptness" of the japanese quarantine officer? Really? What about the "ineptness" of the nurses and doctors who caught the CoVid-19 when taking care of their patients? Didn't they all take care of the quarantined or sick people? What about the ineptness of the "Malaisian Health Minister" who shook hands with each and every passenger of the cruise ship while they disembarked when it was already known that asymptomic people could spread the disease? I'm in no way saying that the japanese government and/or individuals didn't make any mistakes, but they most definitely are not the only ones through out the world and the Chinese - and WHO - will need to make some deep self-introspection once this is all finished... But I'm sure that everything will be "all right" by then, because it will have been a "perfect" crisis management of the situation under harsh times. And they will all be "heroes", even the ones who took the decisions to infect thousands of people needlessly and used the opportunity to "prune" the bad apples who are not "team players"... I'm flabbergasted!
  11. Here I totally disagree with you and the whys and hows are perfectly explained in the article. And I won't repeat what is already written down in the article...
  12. Frankly... Before even thinking of leaving our nice cosy little planet, maybe we should first think about doing some clean up And also do something about this kind of crazies: https://globalmeteornetwork.org/?p=570 https://www.sciencealert.com/starlink-is-being-an-absolute-nuisance-to-astronomers At least to have the poor Hu-Mans to be able to look and point to where they want to send their invader little buggers Nice way to start an intergalactic war
  13. We had several times the discussion about "numbers"... Between "real", "official", "extrapolated", yada yada. Here's an article to take with a grain of salt: --> "Rise in sulfur dioxide could be sign of mass cremations in Wuhan" https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3874013 I don't want to believe that the 2 3rd option is the right one, but thinking of past things, I think it may me unfortunately not "untrue"...
  14. Thought it would be interesting to finally "know the enemy"! Here the picture of the bugger!!
  15. Okay... Seems the name has changed again... Just read that it is now "SARS-CoV-2" as in "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus 2" It seems that's the name given by the "experts"... Isn't the WHO Comittee composed of "experts"? It would be nice if they would agree once and for all... ____________________________________________________________ I've just read this: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3876197 --> "Chinese doctors say Wuhan coronavirus reinfection even deadlier" Anyone has more news/info regarding this???