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  1. I said it on the post: be quiet! Pure Power 11 80 Plus Gold PSU. What would you recommend doing then?My coil whine is getting worse, now I'm getting noises in games like Dota, it didn't happen before...
  2. I have a be quiet! Pure Power 11 80 Plus Gold PSU (I've had it for less than 5 months), is it a bad one? Could it be causing coil whine on my RTX 2060 Super? Honestly this noise is driving me insane...Thanks.
  3. What about performances in game? Does undervolting do something?
  4. Sorry if this might sound stupid, but I'm getting coil whine noises, only on some games, only when the GPU voltage is above 1V. Can I undervolt my GPU to prevent these noises from occurring? Does it impact my FPS in game? RTX 2060 Super. Thanks!
  5. How can I isolate the problem? Could I maybe try replacing my GPU with a 970 to see if it's the GPU? I'd be relieved if it turns out to be the PSU honestly. Maybe it could be it, since stress testing the GPU doesn't make it whine?
  6. Hi guys, yesterday everything was working perfectly fine, but this morning it looks like my BIOS got reset or something happened, and my PC started making some hissing noises. Full specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Ley01/saved/GRP9GX It might be the GPU (RTX 2060 Super), except when I stress test it, or my CPU, there are no hissing noises. But when I open PC Building Simulator (yeah...), the noise starts. It doesn't happen on every game, only 1 or 2 out of 4 I've tested. I'm ready to RMA anything if needed. If it's coil whine, I know it's not dangerous but I need my PC to be as silent as possible. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks everyone for your help! Went for an R5 2600, Gigabyte Aorus and 16GB of RAM.
  8. Could we maybe get a R3 3200G instead? Delivery's faster and it's a bit cheaper.
  9. Looking great! Thank you. Cooler Master - MWE 650 BRONZE. Thank you for your suggestion!
  10. He's on a tight budget (around 300€), and living in France. He doesn't mind if his new components are second hand. His current build is i5 3570 (dead, stock cooler's dead too) GTX 970 (he'd like to keep it) 8GB RAM DDR3 ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP mobo and a new PSU and case he bought very recently. What could be improved under 300€, while keeping the GPU? Is it possible to get a new mobo, CPU and RAM for that budget? Edit: he will be playing Minecraft, GTA V maybe, Fortnite, and some other games that worked fine with a 970. Thank you!
  11. Never thought it'd be such an improvement tho
  12. Update! Installed my cooler, I'm now at 30C idle and 50C at full load, from 50C idle and 85/90 at full load. Pretty huge improvement!
  13. I made a post yesterday about my temperatures, tldr I'm at around 50C idle and 92-95C at a 100% load with Aida with a R5 2600, 3 intake fans and 2 exhaust, stock CPU fan. I decided to buy the Noctua NH-D15S and some thermal paste (MX2), because the one I had dried out. What would be my estimated idle temp with that new fan and thermal paste? Also, is it silent? Thanks.